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Grow your Business over 40% in 3 Months

Abyss Scuba Diving  Lessons - 2018-11-11-15-27-05-000-udac

I've often stated that our most valuable intellectual property at Fotaflo isn't the code of our software, or our technology, it's the deep learning and understanding of how to implement, operate and leverage photos to increase bookings with our photo and video solution for experiential businesses. This isn't knowledge that can be easily copied or recreated. It's the deep learning that's required thousands of hours working with experiential businesses around the world. It's the constant assessing of actual results and data to help our clients receive the best benefits of a photo solution that's designed to generate more business. It's the drive to help our clients in the best way we can; to help them grow the amount of bookings.

Abyss Scuba Diving  Lessons - 2018-11-11-14-54-10-000-udab

Being the pioneer in developing a photo marketing service and now with over 9 years, 7 million photos taken of well over 1 million guests we've learned a variety of best practices that now provide a blueprint for our clients to follow. I often say to new clients, "there is nothing for you to figure out, just follow our instructions and you're going to have success."

Recently we saw first hand how impactful it can be for our clients when they follow our instructions and show compliancy to our recommendations and best practices.

Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney Australia had been giving away photos for a long time, 9 years to be exact. For the last 9 years the owner of Abyss Scuba Diving, Peter Letts, uploaded customers photos to their Facebook page to help market his business. When he first started delivering photos through Facebook he saw a 40% increase in business. But as Facebook adjusted its algorithms this benefit declined over time to the point where growth became negligible. Then he found Fotaflo. The difference is that unlike Facebook, Fotaflo is designed for the distribution of photos and videos to experiential clients and Fotaflo is trackable.

Abyss Scuba Diving  Lessons - 2018-11-12-12-34-19-000-ug7l

What was pleasant for us at Fotaflo, as we saw Peter sign up and begin using our service, is how well he followed the best practices and recommendations; how compliant he was in following our directions. Everything from taking intentional photos to including a thank you video, Peter was one of the most compliant new clients we've seen in following our directions. We knew from years of experience this would benefit Peter and Abyss Scuba Diving, but we didn't predict just how impactful his compliancy to Fotaflo best practices would be to the growth of his business.

It took Peter one week to implement Fotaflo and then 3 months later he saw a 40% increase in business that has now sustained for 6+ months and led Peter to hire 30% more staff. This growth was so noticeable that PADI (the certification organization used by Abyss Scuba Diving) took notice and started to analyze the results. What PADI uncovered was that Peter was a unicorn in his region, that the growth Peter realized was unique and the only variable introduced to this business was Fotaflo.

With Fotaflo being the first company in this space, we'd like to think that we've learned the most. While there are other photo services that focus on increasing margins of selling photos, for the last 9 years our focus has been how to increase engagement, build and amplify advocacy for experiential customers by capturing and easily delivering special moments. We simply make it easy for customers to share their enthusiasm and passion for their experiences and with Fotaflo, the marketing results flow from that passion and enthusiasm.

Abyss Scuba Diving  Lessons - 2018-11-11-10-10-27-000-ud9l

It's stories like Peter's and our many other successful clients, that fuel our passion and drive us at Fotaflo to help our clients grow their business. It's also results like these that reenforce the importance of communicating compliancy and directing our clients to be as compliant as possible with our best practices.

So whether you're a new Fotaflo client or an existing client we urge you to simply follow the guidelines, recommendations and best practices that we've spent years perfecting and provide as part of our service to all of our clients.... the outcome could be a 40% growth for your business in 2019!

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Ryan O'Grady

Written by Ryan O'Grady

Ryan specializes in assessing the photo and video solution needs of clients and has worked with hundreds of businesses around the world to maximize their marketing impact through photos and videos. As a pioneer in the adventure photo and video industry, Ryan loves to share his knowledge and is a presenter at many adventure conferences throughout the year.

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