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Love Fotaflo? Tell Your Network!

Help a friend's business receive $100 off their subscription and we'll thank you with a $100 discount of your own on your subscription renewal.

How it works

  1. Refer: a colleague, friend, or anyone in your network to Fotaflo using the form below.
  2. Review: a Fotaflo rep will reach out to them to determine if Fotaflo is a good fit.
  3. Earn: If they become a customer we'll give you a $100 discount on your subscription renewal and your referral will also receive $100 off their subscription.
  4. Repeat: refer more from your network.


Refer a business to Fotaflo by filling out the form below:


* To qualify for the referral bonus, your referral cannot already be active in our sales cycle, and they must become a client within 3 months of the referral date.