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When it comes to marketing cruise tours to draw more customers, operators must continue to stay innovative to ensure continued success. One of the most promising areas of innovation for attracting more clients in the cruise tour industry is inbound marketing, specifically through impactful content marketing.

If you are to produce quality content for inbound marketing, it’s incredibly important to identify your different target markets. This is because it will help you reach and engage with the people who are much more likely to be interested in your business. Creating buyer personas that are based on your target markets with demographic information should be done before creating any inbound marketing content, whether it’s for a blog or social media.

It's also incredibly important to design a marketing plan, once you have determined your target markets and buyer personas. In your marketing plan, you can include strategy on how your business will effectively use digital channels, like social media, email marketing and blogs for upcoming marketing campaigns

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will help to engage with your followers and attract new ones, while email marketing is a powerful tool for maintaining contact with your current and future clients. Blog posts that provide specific answers to questions about tours and activities for your buyer personas, bring potential customers looking for this information to your website.

It's crucial to address your target audience directly when creating content that markets your cruise tour. Avoid boasting and instead concentrate on presenting the advantages of your tour, because potential clients want to know what's in it for them.

Utilizing photo and video content of past guests enjoying your cruise tour is another powerful approach to marketing your business. This is because it enables potential buyers to view other people's amazing experience with your business in a genuine way. This type of content can have a much greater impact than internally produced marketing messages and images. 

This is where Fotaflo can step in and assist your business. With Fotaflo, cruise tour operators can easily capture and share photos with past customers of their wonderful experience. These photo and video memories are then reshared by these very customers to a mass audience through email, social media and review websites. The result is increased brand awareness for your cruise business, and quality referral traffic to your website.

In summary, in order to draw more customers, cruise tour operators must be strategic with their marketing efforts. You can improve your chances of success in the competitive cruise tour sector by knowing your target market and buyer personas, developing a marketing plan, and clearly articulating the advantages of your excursion. Additionally, using photos and videos of your happy customers to market your business with a platform like Fotaflo can promote your company to a wider and more engaged audience.

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