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Our Vision

Every business providing an experience worth remembering is actively capturing memories and gifting them to their customers.



A Little History...

Fotaflo’s President and founder, Ryan O’Grady initially started his career in video broadcasting and was able to travel the world as a videographer on an international travel show filming motorsport adventures. Throughout his travels, he noticed that there was no method to provide participants of these incredible activities with any sort of souvenir memory of their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In 2009, Ryan began looking for technology to accommodate photography within the adventure industry and when he found that the gap he had identified within motorsports was common throughout the adventure tourism industry he set out to develop a solution.

Because Fotaflo is an innovator within our industry, every day we see new possibilities on how to develop our services. The ability to work as a team to determine our direction based on what excites us and is most valuable to our clients makes our work meaningful. Being able to develop and offer solutions that impact our client’s businesses and helps them achieve their goals is uniquely rewarding.

We measure our success by the success of our clients. We view all of our client relationships as true partnerships so when they’re meeting their goals, we know we’re meeting ours. This partnership model is inherent in all aspects of our business and is part of the commitment we make to each client.

Without a doubt, the best validation we’ve received comes directly from our clients. Hearing from a client that we’ve helped grow their business and helped them reach business goals that were previously out of reach is the most incredible recognition we can receive.

We invented photo referral marketing for the adventures experience industry and we’re very proud to be leaders in harnessing the power of what guests do with their photos. Thinking outside of the box to turn memories into branded content in a way that satisfies the needs and goals of both our clients and their guests is what sets us apart from our competitors and is what will continue to lead us forward.

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