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Streamline Your Photo Distribution With Seamless Integration of Your Internal Systems

Do you struggle to easily provide all of your customers with photo and video memories of their experience? Do you want to create long-lasting engagement with your guests?

Would you benefit from an automated photo and video distribution platform that removes all of the manual work in delivering guest memories, and helps increase repeat and referral business through customer shared memories?

From 10 years of providing photo sales and marketing solutions, Fotaflo understands that your tour or activity business will gain more revenue from increased bookings when providing photos to all of your customers.

Giving away photos is much easier than selling photos, but it can still be challenging to fit into your already busy operations.

That's why we've integrated with a growing number of reservation and waiver systems so you can automatically deliver photos and videos to your guests. 

These integrations streamline the operation of your photo marketing service. This simple photo and video delivery method means you maximize your marketing results with minimum overhead costs and effort.

How Fotaflo Integration Works

  1. Connect your Fotaflo account with the reservation or waiver software you use at your business.
  2. Your reservations are automatically sent to Fotaflo along with the email addresses and phone numbers of your customers.
  3. Fotaflo automatically creates labels for each reservation.
  4. Use the Fotaflo Android or iOS app and pick the label for the tour.
  5. Take photos with your smartphone.
  6. Photos are automatically uploaded and delivered to the reservation email addresses and phone numbers.

What Systems Does Fotaflo Integrate With?



How Do I Get Started?

If you don’t have a Fotaflo account, you can book a demo with a member of our team, who will help you choose a plan and assist with any integrations.  

We'll walk you through everything required to connect your reservation and waiver system and get you started with automatic deliveries!

If you’re currently signed up to Fotaflo and have questions about integrations, please email support@fotaflo.com for support.

What if I Use a Different Booking Software?

No problem! Our Zapier integration can work with many other systems. We're also continuously adding new integrations. It's possible we have one in the works for you. Give us a shout and we'll work with you to get you set up for automatic photo and video delivery.


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