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Automate the Way You Share

Photo Memories With Your Guests

Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide photo memories to your guests? Do you want to improve how your guides take and distribute guest photos?

Fotaflo is a photo and video marketing platform that simplifies and automates the distribution of photos and videos to customers of your tour or activity business. 

Simply put, we make it easy for your business to capture and deliver photos and videos to your customers. Our software uploads and organizes photos and videos for quick delivery to your customers, who are then able to view and share directly through your custom-branded photo page.

Photo Sharing Cost Savings

So, why is this important?

Photo memories are a hugely important part of the guest experience, but so many tour and activity operators aren’t doing it efficiently - and others aren’t even doing it at all.

It’s still common for guests to hand over their phone to a tour guide for a photo opportunity. The issue is that this leads to unreliable photo quality that leaves customers with no great photo memory of their experience.

Some tour and activity businesses instead turn to expensive equipment and share guest photos over social media or through photo sharing websites. Yet this all relies on fragmented systems that aren’t connected.

What if you share photos over Facebook but a guest doesn’t have it? What if you lose your camera’s SD card with all of the guest photos on it? 

Using separate systems only serves to waste time and money for your business - and can have serious implications for the guest experience when photo distribution goes wrong.

Our photo and video marketing platform simplifies and automates the distribution of photos and videos to all your customers - from one centralized location.

When you use the Fotaflo platform, your business will realize significant benefits. These include:


Save Money

Taking photos of your guests is simple, but it’s what happens with those photos after you’ve taken them that’s time consuming and expensive. 

Are you sending your guests off with USB sticks? While it’s one of the quicker ways to provide your customers with photos of their experience, it’s incredibly expensive for your business and isn’t environmentally friendly. Not only that, but guests often lost USB sticks, leaving them with no real way to remember their experience with your brand.

There are far more cost-effective ways to share photos with your clients, and Fotaflo has created a solution designed just for you.

With Fotaflo you simply capture photos, upload them to the platform, and deliver them to your guests through your very own custom-branded personalized albums. No more wasting money on USB sticks for every single customer, and no more handling guest smartphones ever again.




Save Time by Automating the Photo Sharing Process

Distributing photos to customers can be incredibly time consuming. Photos have to be loaded onto a computer from an SD card or phone, they have to be culled, and you have to find a way to efficiently send them to your customers after their experience. 

This relies on fragmented processes and systems that waste huge amounts of your employees’ time as they perform manual tasks. That’s time that they could be spending on higher-value tasks that deliver true value to your customers.

Fotaflo automates the entire photo sharing process for tour and activity operators. Simply upload your guest photos to our platform and you can automate your entire photo marketing strategy, from providing guests with photos after their experience to remarketing to past customers for more repeat bookings.


Empower Your Guides to Focus on Other Important Tasks

Your tour and activity guides’ main priority is to build a strong relationship with guests and ensure they have a world-class experience. While photos are a crucial part of that, your guides have more important aspects of the job to be thinking about.

Fotaflo gives your guides the power to take amazing photos of guests, while focusing on the other parts of their job that provide real value to your customers.

Instead of handling multiple guest phones or cameras, Fotaflo provides your guides with a platform in which all photos can be taken on one camera, uploaded and provided to guests after the experience in their own personalized and customized photo album.


Outdoor Tourism Photo Sharing Platform

Improve the Customer Experience

Do you know what’s just as important as creating memories? Capturing them. Sharing high-quality photo memories with your guests will significantly enhance the customer experience of your tour or activity business.

Photo memories help your guests relive their experience. The happier a customer is with the experience you gave them, the more likely they are to positively review your business, share their experience with their peers and rebook with you again in the future. 

Fotaflo helps your brand enhance its customer experience, by providing you with a platform that makes sharing memories with your guests an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone!

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