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The Basics

Everything you need to run a successful photo marketing service.

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Photos for life

As long as you remain a customer of Fotaflo all of your guests will be able to access their photos, forever! Want to reach out to guests from 3 years ago with a photo from their experience? No problem.

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Mobile apps

Label and tag photos directly from your Android or iOS devices. Upload photos and videos in the background.

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Import media

Do you have specialized camera equipment? Or do you want to include some photos from your DSLR or GoPro cameras? You can import photos and videos from any camera.

Fotaflo Video Product Example



Record short video clips of your activities and Fotaflo will automatically combine them with your own prerecorded clips into a seamless movie for your guests.

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Stock promotional photos and videos

Create sets of your own promotional photos and videos and automatically include them in your guests' albums.


Media approval

For more control, you can require manual approval before photos and videos show up in guest albums.


Unlimited staff accounts

Whether you're a solo operator or have multiple teams at several locations, everyone can have their own Fotaflo account. Each user has their own permissions so you can stay in control.


Private access

Every guest receives a unique code and link to their album. Photos aren't viewable by the general public. Every shared album generates a new unique link so every visitor can be tracked separately.

Simple Delivery

Keeping your operations simple & easy.


Unlimited albums

Deliver as many albums as you like to as many guests as you want.


Give away photos

Our pricing and solution is perfect for giving away free photos to your guests. This model maximizes your marketing benefits, earning more revenue than photo sales, and greatly simplifies your operations.


Sell photos onsite

With onsite sales you can sell photos at the time of reservation, before the activity, or after the activity. These are sales that are facilitated by your staff.


Sell photos from home

With at-home sales you deliver watermarked, preview access to your customers who can then purchase online from home.


Deliver by email and SMS

Deliver by email to maximize your opportunity to engage with guests later. Delivering by SMS (text message) can sometimes be faster for high throughput activities.


Deliver manually selected photos and videos

Select the photos and videos you want to deliver and send them to as many guests as you like.


Deliver photos and videos based on custom filters

Want to send your guests an album of yesterday's photos from a specific camera? Or all photos with a certain label? You can deliver albums using custom filters. If more photos are added that match the filter they are automatically added to the album.


Track staff

Keep track of who delivered your albums. This can make customer support easier, and you can also use it to track staff commissions if you offer them.


Organize photos with labels

Use simple text labels to group photos and videos for simple searching and delivery. Create as many labels and apply as many labels to photos as you like.

Authentic Engagement

Turn every customer into an advocate.


Custom call-to-action

Embed a custom call-to-action in your emails and photo viewing portal to direct your customers and referral leads to your most important action, such as booking your activity.


Share by email

Customers can easily share their albums by email. Those emails contain their own unique links so you can track referrals generated by email sharing.

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Share by Facebook and Twitter

Guests can easily share their photos by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Set your own hashtags, titles, and descriptions to include your brand messaging in all shares.

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3rd party reviews

Provide links to TripAdvisor, Yelp!, and Google Reviews in guest albums to encourage them to review your business.


Download original high resolution branded photos

Your customers can download the original high resolution images with your logos embedded.

Effective Marketing

Set it and forget it word-of-mouth advocacy.


White labeled for your business

Fotaflo is completely white-labelled. This means that all communication and engagement with your guests uses your branding, email addresses, and content.

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Custom branded email templates

Create custom email templates to control the messaging that is included in photo delivery emails sent to your customers.

The email you send to customers are branded with your logo, call-to-action, contact information, a custom message, and more.


Deliver from your own email address

Deliver photos to your customers from your own email address to increase trust and reinforce your brand messaging.


Branded photos

You can include up to two logos that will be embedded in the bottom left and bottom right of every photo.

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Branded portal

You can control your custom, branded photo viewing portal. Add your own logo, custom background, call-to-action, sharing options, 3rd party review options, and more.


Custom subdomain

You can choose the custom subdomain that your customers will visit to view their photos. For example myadventurebusiness.fotaflo.com.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 11.07.50 AMAnalytics

View your top advocates, most viewed albums, number of referral leads, email open and click rates, photo downloads, and more for any time period you choose.

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Automatic advocate identification and engagement

Easily view which customers have shared their photos and generated the most referral leads from email, Twitter, and Facebook. Automatically send custom messages to your customers who have generated the most referral leads.


Manual and automatic remarketing

Send manual, or create automatic reminders to re-engage with your guests by sending them an email containing their photos from their past activities.

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Guest marketing campaigns

Identify past guests and send custom marketing emails and text messages featuring their own personal photo memories. Use guest campaigns to maintain an authentic relationship with past guests.

Get Automated

No more manual photo delivery.

Reservation system integration

If you use reservation software you can completely automate delivery of photos to your reservations. Simply take photos using the reservation name and they will be automatically delivered.


Zapier integration

You can create your own custom integration using our Zapier integration to completely automate delivery of photos to your guests.


Custom Google Analytics

Add your own Google Analytics code to receive standard analytics data from your Fotaflo photo viewing portal.

Support and Training

We're here to help.


Online training

Need help getting started or improving your photo marketing service? Book a free 1-on-1 training session with us and we'll be happy to help.


Extensive online support

We've been doing this for more than ten years and we provide all of our experience in easily searchable and viewable online support.


Email and phone support

We're not a faceless online service. Need more help? Send us an email or give us a call and we'll help you out.

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