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With the Fotaflo, your business is able to easily capture and deliver customer memories to generate referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and drive up the number of repeat bookings.

Simply by providing photos and videos to your customers for free, you are able to enhance the guest experience, improve the quality and quantity of their online reviews and realise a huge range of further benefits. 

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The Basics

Features included in every Fotaflo plan.

Integrate with reservation and waiver software.

Fotaflo integrates with a growing number of reservation and waiver software so you can completely automate delivery of photos to your customers. Simply take photos using the reservation name and they will be automatically delivered. See our integrations page for the full list of supported connections.

Private and secure customer access.

Every customer receives a unique link to their personalised album. Photos aren't viewable by the general public, unless shared by the customer. Every shared album generates a new unique link so every visitor can be tracked separately.

Unlimited users.

Whether you're a solo operator or have multiple teams at several locations, every single one of your staff members has their own Fotaflo account. Each user has their own permissions so you can stay in control.

Unlimited devices.

Our Android and iOS apps make it a breeze to capture memories and associate them with customers. Did an extra person show up? It's simple to add their contact details. Of course you can import photos and videos from any other source.

Memories for life.

As long as you remain a customer of Fotaflo all of your customers will have access to their photos, forever! Want to reach out to customers from three years ago with a photo from their experience? No problem.

Display photos in a public gallery on your website.

We know the pain of trying to keep fresh content on your website. The Fotaflo Gallery Widget embeds selected customer memories directly in your own website. You'll have a fresh stream of photos and videos and it's easy to choose which ones to show on your site.

Your branding on photos, emails, and photo-viewing portal.

All photos and videos are branded with your logo.

Create custom email templates to control the messaging that is included in photo delivery emails sent to your customers. The email you send to customers are branded with your logo, call-to-action, contact information, a custom message, and more.

You can control your custom-branded photo viewing portal. Add your own logo, custom background, call-to-action, sharing options, third party review options, and much more.

Deliver memories by email and SMS.

Deliver photos and videos by email to maximize your opportunity to engage with customers later. Delivering by SMS (text message) can sometimes be faster for high throughput activities. Deliver photos to your customers from your own email address to increase trust and reinforce your brand messaging.

Deliver from your own email address.

Deliver photos to your customers from your own email address to increase trust and reinforce your brand messaging.

Send customers messages including their personal memories.

Re-engage with your customers by sending them an email containing their photos from their past activities.

Customers can share their memories to all their favourite online communities.

Customers easily share their memories by email, Facebook, to any supporting app on their phone, or simply copy a private link. Your customers will share to the platforms they use, so you don't have to be on every network. Set your own hashtags, titles, and descriptions to include your brand messaging in all shares.

Prompt customers for online reviews.

Provide links to TripAdvisor, Yelp!, and Google Reviews to encourage customers to leave reviews of your business.

Standard Plan Features

In addition to The Basics, this plan includes enhanced marketing and operations functionality for your business.

Customers view memories directly on your website.

Increasing direct traffic and online conversions is key to long-term success. The Album Widget sends all of your past customers and their social circles directly to your own website, so you can harness the power of customer memories with our automated remarketing machine.

Let customers tip your staff, provide ratings, and more.

Customers can see details about your staff, including their profile photo, a tip link, personal text and video messages, and even a customer satisfaction rating. Public Profiles not only add a personal touch to the customer experience but also help build trust and rapport between your staff and clients.

Automatically identify your best customer advocates.

See which customers have shared their memories and generated the most referral leads from email, Facebook, or any other platform they use. Automatically send custom messages to your customers who have generated the most referral leads asking to feature them on your socials.

Capture video memories.

Record short video clips of your activities and the Fotaflo will automatically combine them with your company's own prerecorded clips into a seamless movie for your customers.

Automatically send reminders to customers.

Send automatic reminders to re-engage with your customers by sending them message containing their photos from their past activities. Set up rules to remind customers based on the anniversary of their experience, along with other triggers and options.

Send campaigns to past customers.

Create and deliver campaigns to all past customers, personalised with their own photo memories. A simple thank you, and call to action to relive a worthwhile memory and to share their photos once again, turns once-in-a-lifetime experiences into customers-for-life.

Include stock photos and videos with customer memories.

Create sets of your own promotional photos and videos and automatically include them in your customers' albums.

Display a slideshow of selected memories.

Show off your customer experiences on the big screen at your place of business. Set up a slideshow and new photos will automatically stream to attached monitors or TVs.

Photo Sales

Sell photos and videos onsite.

With onsite sales you can sell photos at the time of reservation, before the activity, or after the activity. These are sales that are facilitated by your staff.

Sell photos and videos online.

With at-home sales you deliver watermarked, preview access to your customers who can then purchase online from home.

Training and Support

We're here to help, every step of the way.

Online training.

Need help getting started or improving your photo marketing service? Book a free one-on-one training session with us and we'll be happy to help.

Extensive online support.

We've been doing this for more than ten years and we provide all of our experience in easily searchable and viewable online support.

Email and phone support.

We're not a faceless online service. Need more help? Send us an email or give us a call and we'll help you out.


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