Fotaflo Features

We have nearly 10 years of experience working with hundreds of experiential businesses to design, implement, and operate photo marketing solutions. We've seen it all and have incorporated the most-needed features into our software.

Photos for Life

As long as you remain a customer of Fotaflo all of your guests will be able to access their photos, forever! Want to reach out to guests from 3 years ago with a photo from their experience? No problem.

Deliver by Email or SMS

Deliver by email to maximize your opportunity to engage with guests later. Delivering by SMS (text message) can sometimes be faster for high throughput activities.


Use simple text labels to group photos and videos for simple searching and delivery.

Android App

Label and tag photos directly from your Android device. Upload photos and videos in the background.

iOS App

Label and tag photos directly from your iPhone or iPad. Upload photos and videos in the background.

Onsite Sales

Sell photos onsite, before or after the guests' activity.

At Home Sales

Deliver preview access to your guests and let them purchase from home.


Record short video clips of your activities and Fotaflo will automatically combine them with your own prerecorded clips into a seamless movie for your guests.

Automatic Reminders

Create automatic reminders to re-engage with your guests by sending them an email containing their photos from their past activities.

Promo Media

Create sets of your own promotional photos and videos and automatically include them in your guests' albums.

Easy Guest Sharing

Guests can easily share their photos by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Set your own hashtags, titles, and descriptions to include your brand messaging in all shares.

3rd Party Reviews

Provide links to TripAdvisor, Yelp!, and Google Reviews in guest albums to encourage them to review your business.

Manual Photo Approval

For more control you can require manual approval before photos and videos show up in guest albums.

FareHarbor Integration

Automatically get email addresses from FareHarbor reservations to speed up photo delivery.

Ready for the next step?

Schedule a free Fotaflo demo to answer any remaining questions you might have and let us make recommendations to design the best photo marketing solution for you business.