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The single most impactful

thing you can do to grow your business is to start giving away photos to your guests.

Increase referral leads.

The more customers who receive photos, the more leads you’ll get, the more leads you get, the more bookings you’ll receive. No photos means no leads, and selling photos means only those customers who purchase can advocate for your business.

If you want to satisfy your customer's desires, build photos into the experience. Make photos as important as the experience because they're that important to your guests. When your customers share their memories their friends and families are referred back to your business.

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Identify and market to advocates.

An advocate is a customer who shares your brand message to their network of friends and families. It's a trusted endorsement of your business. But how do you know who, out of all your customers, has a strong social following and is generating the most leads for you?

With a photo marketing service like Fotaflo you can identify successful advocates with strong social following and engage with these advocates to generate even more leads and referrals.

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Re-market with memories.

It’s quite simple. Would you rather receive a generic newsletter, or an email with your personal photo memories? Re-marketing with photo memories will revolutionize the way you engage with past customers.

Showing your past customers the great time they had, reminds them of the great time they had, and increases interactions with your brand which generates more leads and bookings.

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Increase online reviews.

Are online reviews important to your business? Do you struggle to generate regular, reliable, highly-rated reviews? Providing a great customer experience is at the heart of gaining more, and higher ranking, online reviews.

Providing free photos is a great way to improve customer experience. You will create an ongoing stream of fresh and higher-quality reviews by providing free photos and prompting your customers to review your business at the right time. When they're viewing their amazing photos online.

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Stand out from the competition.

People pay for experiences to get photos of themselves. Marketing free photos along with your activity allows you to better meet the needs of your potential customers and convert more inquiries to bookings.

By prioritizing this messaging within all of your marketing you are helping your clients get what they want when they book your experience.


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How does it work?

Use our Android or iOS apps, or upload your own photos and videos. Delivery is simple and easy and every customer gets their own unique private link to their album.

A picture is worth a thousand words: our step-by-step illustrated guide shows how Fotaflo works as a perpetual word-of-mouth marketing engine for your business.

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If you use reservation software you can automatically deliver photos and videos to your guests!

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