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I'm making an open offer of free expertise and advice on guest photos, videos and referral marketing. This is an open offer to contribute to tourism operators around the world, with meaningful advice and expertise that matters to you.

To be frank, I’m frustrated. Like many of you, I’m in self isolation wondering how I can help our industry and that’s why I’ve included this offer of advice in our monthly newsletter. I really want to contribute to our industry and help anyone with advice and expertise that I’ve gained over the last 13 years working with tourism operators with a specific focus on photo, video and referral marketing.

If you are an owner or operator of any kind of tour, activity or attraction business and are spending time looking ahead and planning for better times, I will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have when it comes to photography, videography, or referral marketing for your guests. This meeting link is open for anyone and if the time doesn’t work with your timezone, feel free to email me directly with any questions you may have.

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Potential topics of discussion for photo and video solutions:

  • Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of selling or giving away photos? Or, how to increase conversions of sold photos?
  • Do you want advice on what photos or videos you should take on your tour?
  • Do you need help to understand how many photos or videos should you take?
  • Would you like to know how to implement a photo or video program?
  • What types of hardware should you use?


Potential topics of discussion for referral marketing:

  • Do you want to better understand advocate or influencer marketing?
  • Would you like to discuss the types of photos and videos that lead to the greatest customer satisfaction and shares?
  • Would you like to understand how to incentivize customer shares?
  • Understand techniques for increasing reviews by providing photos and videos?

To summarize, while I’m working in self-isolation I want to contribute to help anyone that could benefit from some advice. If you have a question about anything to do with photos and video solutions, or if you’re interested in word-of-mouth marketing, referral marketing, advocate marketing, micro-influencer marketing or user generated content, I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and all the best through this unprecedented challenge,


Topics: Marketing, Increase Reviews, Tips, Taking Photos, Selling Photos


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