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Congratulations to the Summit and Stars Staff at Hawaii Forest & Trail, who are the February winners of the Fotaflo Monthly Advocate Contest.

The contest awards a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the memory creators who capture the photos or videos that produce the most online referrals for their tour or activity.

The concept is simple, the more guests you capture photos and videos for, the greater your chance to win the prize!

Last month, the winning memory captured was of a guest enjoying a Maunakea Summit & Stars Adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii with Hawaii Forest & Trail on February 6th, 2024. Shortly after, Fotaflo automatically delivered memories to the same guest by email. Then, this delighted guest forwarded the link to their original album of their photo memories to friends and family. Last but not least, because of this, 172 unique referral visitors were directed to Hawaii Forest & Trail's website in February. Nope, it’s not magic, it’s Fotaflo!

And yes, the Summit and Stars Staff at Hawaii Forest & Trail won this time around, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a close competition. Thanks to some superstar memory creators that bring amazing value to their guests and operators every day, February's prize could have easily gone to someone else. 

Here are the operators for whom our top 5 memory creators worked in February 2024!

  1. Appleton Axe, Wisconsin = 105 referrals

  2. Runners Adventures, Dominican Republic = 84 referrals 

  3. Thunder Jetboat, NSW, Australia = 83 referrals

  4. Zip Isle, Big Island, Hawaii = 83 referrals

  5. Boost Portugal, Portugal = 66 referrals

For more information on the Fotaflo Monthly Advocate Contest:

Each month, Fotaflo rewards the memory creator who captures the photo or video that produces the most referrals to their employer’s website, through the sharing of this photo or video by one unique guest. So, if you're fortunate enough to have that guest, who generates more referrals than any other guest, thanks to sharing a photo or video you captured, you win!

The best part of this contest is that it takes just one photo or video delivered to your guests to be entered into the contest. After that, any of your guests who receive this photo or video memory can share it on social media. By doing this, guests are advocating for the memory creator who captured the photo or video, and the tour or activity they visited.

An advocate could be any of your guests who receive a memory through Fotaflo. It could be a bridesmaid who shares her photo memories of a bachelorette wine trip to Instagram, or a grandmother sharing a photo memory of her San Francisco walking tour on Facebook.

Simply put, the top advocate is a guest who shares a photo or video on social media through Fotaflo’s online album, which produces the greatest volume of web traffic.

It only takes one captured photo or video shared by the right guest through Fotaflo for you to be the next winner.

Good luck to all the memory creators in March and remember that any one captured photo or video could win you a US$50 Amazon gift card.  

In the coming weeks, look out for our March winner, which we will announce next month!

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