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Treeosix Adventure Parks, renowned for its exhilarating outdoor activities, implemented Fotaflo to enhance guest engagement and digital presence. In a bid to increase its online influence, Treeosix leveraged Fotaflo’s capabilities to connect more effectively with its guests.



The primary challenge for Treeosix was not only attract first-time visitors but also to encourage repeat visits and referrals in a competitive tourism market. The goal was to create a lasting impression that would translate into increased guest loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.



Treeosix deployed Fotaflo’s photo and video sharing platform, allowing guests to:

  • Receive personalised digital memories of their adventures.

  • Stay engaged post-visit through targeted Fotaflo communications via email and SMS.

  • Share their experiences easily, boosting word-of-mouth referrals.


Guest Survey Results

Recent survey data revealed key insights into guest experiences:

  • Repeat Guests: 41.6% of guests reported being return visitors, a significant indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Word of Mouth: 21.2% of guests discovered Treeosix through word-of-mouth referrals, highlighting the importance of personal recommendations.

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Fotaflo-Driven Web Traffic

Analysis from June to September 2023 showed:

  • Fotaflo channels accounted for 41.2% of Treeosix’s web traffic.

  • Email (22.7%) and SMS (14.0%) channels were especially effective in directing users to Treeosix’s website.

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Correlation Between Fotaflo and Survey Data

The correlation between Fotaflo’s digital engagement and survey results is evident:

  • The high percentage of repeat guests aligns with the substantial web traffic driven by Fotaflo’s personalised post-visit communications.

  • The effectiveness of word-of-mouth referrals is likely amplified by guests sharing their Fotaflo-generated digital memories, enhancing Treeosix's visibility and appeal to potential new guests.


"Our partnership with Fotaflo has revolutionised the way we connect with our guests. The shareable memories created have not only delighted our customers but have significantly contributed to our word-of-mouth referrals and repeat visits."

Jori Kirk – Founder & Owner, Treeosix Adventure Parks



The integration of Fotaflo at Treeosix Adventure Parks has been instrumental in driving both web traffic and tangible guest engagement. The data indicates a strong correlation between Fotaflo’s digital strategies and the high rates of repeat and referral guests, underscoring the platform’s effectiveness in enhancing customer relationships and boosting business growth.


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