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Different customers provide different types of feedback. In this blog, Yonder - a marketing platform for the tour and activity industry that provides powerful automations to boost website sales and discover customer insights - breaks down the types of ratings, and how to design situations to get useful feedback from them. ‍

Here's how to extract business value from your customers' online reviews, no matter what they rate you.

Five-Star Customers

Positive feedback provides a great feel-good factor and reminds you of what you do well. EasyHike, with an NPS of 90 (95 percent of customers give a five-star rating), says the raving reviews they receive serve as a reminder of what’s valued most by their customers and reinforces what they should continue doing. ‍

But if your five-star reviewers already think you’re doing a perfect job and providing unparalleled customer experiences, can they help you continuously improve and stay ahead of the competition? They sure can!

‍You can use the fact that they’re highly engaged customers and big advocates of your business to your advantage, by asking for their ideas about what more you could do to provide an even better experience. You might just receive a gem of inspiration that’ll help you maintain your competitive advantage. ‍

Four-Star and Three-Star Customers

These customers neither loved nor hated their experience with your brand. Many cultures withhold a perfect score for truly exceptional experiences. So what’s stopping them from loving it? Their feedback could be the key to developing new product lines, introducing new experiences and other service additions that allow your business to access whole set of new happy customers.

You might find there are a few extra touches needed to deliver an exceptional experience, or there may be business processes that need improving to ensure the quality of the guest experience is consistent. For example, a white water rafting operator received feedback that they should tell people before they get to the river which raft they will be in, instead of sorting it out once they are about to jump in the rafts.

Looking at their feedback comments, asking additional questions about what could be improved, and following up with a phone call to learn more can help your business pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Map out and understand the entire customer journey to figure out which touchpoints need improving, as it could be as simple as a channel or step in the journey that was missed or fell short of expectations. Just making small changes to your business can result in far better outcomes in regards to customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

‍Two-Star and One-Star Customers

When it comes to your one and two-star customers, your first step is analyzing their feedback to determine what (if anything) went wrong. Contrary to popular belief the customer is not always right, and sometimes their ‘bad experience’ is not something that you ever had any control over. ‍

They may also just be the wrong demographic for your business, meaning you’re probably never going to be able to please them (no matter how hard you try). In this instance, we suggest using their feedback to define who aren’t your target customers.

If the negative feedback is based on something that was in your businesses control then the feedback is extremely important as you know exactly what you need to do to improve the experience.

Don’t be shy to dig deep into your customer feedback and reviews. It can all be done automatically when you use software specifically built for tourism businesses like Yonder to manage and analyze your feedback and reviews.

About Yonder

Yonder is a marketing and survey platform purpose built to help tourism businesses boost website conversions, sales leads, customer feedback, reviews and review management. The integration with tourism booking systems makes Yonder a powerful solution for any tourism operator looking to do more with less.

Learn more on the Yonder website: www.yonderhq.com.

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Yonder Team

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