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Tour Operators are constantly seeking innovative approaches to attract customers and grow their businesses. When it comes to this, numerous tactics can be used from the field of digital marketing. Two digital marketing tactics for tour operators to grow their clientele are email marketing and guest blog posts from affiliate marketers.

One of the best approaches to stay in contact with past and potential consumers is through email marketing. You can maintain brand awareness and encourage repeat business by sending your subscribers regular newsletters, promotions and updates. When doing this, make sure to segment your email list, so you can address specific client groups, such as those who have already taken a particular tour, or indicated interest in a certain activity.

Writing guest blog posts as part of affiliate marketing is another strategy for growing your clientele. In order to promote your tour or activity, you can write a guest post for another industry partner’s blog, which is meant to refer traffic back to your website. In return, they can write a guest blog for your website that serves the same function for their business. This allows both your business and its partner to access a new audience, creating a win-win situation of more visibility and business for both parties.

It's crucial to concentrate on producing high-quality content if you want your email marketing and guest blog posts for affiliate marketing to have the greatest possible impact. This entails creating emails that are interesting, clear, and valuable to your subscribers. Similar to this, your guest blogs for affiliate marketing should be thoroughly researched, educational and interesting.

A good marketing plan for tour and activity operators must also include inbound marketing. The main goal of inbound marketing is to produce and distribute content that will attract customers. There are a ton of fantastic blog topics for tour and activity operators on attracting customers. These include posting a photo of the day to show readers what to expect from a trip, as well as responding to frequently asked questions to ensure that your readers are informed. These types of actions help to differentiate your company from competitors in the market by producing the most informative and interesting content for your clients.

Overall, tour and activity operators wishing to reach new clients and expand their business may find that email marketing and guest blogs for affiliate marketing are effective methods. Tour and activity operators can effectively reach and engage customers by concentrating on producing high-quality content and leveraging inbound marketing tactics.


Written by Fotaflo

Fotaflo is the premier photo/video distribution and marketing platform for operators in the tour and activity industry. It offers an incredibly easy way to capture and deliver memories to your customers, which not only delights them, but turns them into repeat customers and powerful advocates for your business. This is achieved through powerful remarketing that reengages with past guests, so they book with your business again, as well as share high quality referrals of your tour or activity through email, social media and review websites. Referrals that share beautiful photos/videos of the experience your offer to a mass audience, leading to a significant boost in the number of potential new customers visiting your website.


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