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The latest update brings the streamlined user experience from our iOS app to our Android users, focusing on enhancing the interface, media handling capabilities, and overall reliability of the app.

Notable changes in this version include an updated Home screen with counts and thumbnails displaying uploading and waiting media, along with progress bars for each.

Additionally, video duration is now shown on thumbnails, and the media browser has been revamped to clearly display media statuses - uploaded, uploading, waiting, and failed.

Reservation and label searching have been simplified for a smoother user experience, as well as performance improvements when dealing with lots of reservations.

Permissions handling has been improved to prevent interference with app operation.

Furthermore, file management reliability has been enhanced to efficiently handle any orphaned media stuck in the uploading process.

We can't wait for you to get the new app and see what we have coming up next!

Topics: Apps, Android

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