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Pose, Smile, Click - We've got fantastic news! Fotaflo and Bookeo have teamed up to create a tech-tastic experience for all adventure and tourism businesses!


What's the Buzz?

Fotaflo, The Simplest Tool to Increase Direct Online Conversions, and Bookeo, booking software to manage and grow your business, have joined forces! It's like the perfect exposure setting for seamless reservation management with the ability to capture and automatically deliver great photo memories!


Smile for the Integration!

Snap, snap - with Fotaflo integrated into Bookeo, you'll have an automatic media delivery extravaganza! No more waiting - your customers get their unforgettable memories delivered instantly!


Picture-Perfect Perks

Tech Marvels: This dynamic duo brings you the best of both worlds - flawless booking and epic photo-marketing solutions that'll leave your customers in awe!

Shoot and Share: Captivate your clients by sharing their amazing photo and video memories, and watch them spread the word on social media! It's like a viral filter for your business!

Focus on Fun: Let the tech do the work! Spend less time managing and more time creating awesome experiences - we've got you covered!


Ready to Say Cheese?

Getting started is a breeze! Our team will make sure everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to snap away at what you do best - creating unforgettable memories!

Get ready to click into a world of seamless reservations and picture-perfect moments. Fotaflo and Bookeo - where technology works as great as your photos!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to innovate and empower businesses like yours!


For more information of Fotaflo visit:


For more information on Bookeo visit:



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