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Creating an appealing incentive and streamlining the process for customers to share their direct contact information has always been a challenge for tour operators.

But fear not, Fotaflo offers a game-changing solution for any experiential business. By providing cherished photo and video memories as the incentive, our innovative system effortlessly collects customer details through a simplified and self-serve process.

Now available in our iOS app and coming soon to Android, you can easily add new customer contact information directly in the mobile app...


...That's not all though...


Let your customers enter their own contact information.

What's better than an easy way to add customer information in the app? Letting your customers enter their own contact information! Simply have one or more customers scan the QR code and they will be sent to a form to add their own details.


Even better, every customer can pass on the QR code to others, so you can focus on getting ready to provide an amazing experience worth remembering.


Take Control of Your Customer Relationships and Reduce Reliance on OTAs

Online travel agencies and Google are great for bringing in new business. But relying on them too heavily means you lose control over the customer experience and relationship. Are you tired of relying on online travel agencies and other third parties to bring in customers? Want to build direct relationships with your guests that drive repeat business and referrals?

It's time to take back control. Memory marketing empowers you to create experiences so remarkable that guests can't help but book with you directly, rave about you to their friends, and come back for more. By having your customers enter their own contact information in order to receive photo and video memories, you're able to reach them directly in future marketing campaigns.

Ready to reduce your reliance on third parties and build a loyal customer base? Get started with Fotaflo today and turn one-time customers into lifelong fans and advocates.

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