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20% annual growth by giving away photos and adopting online booking.

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“We moved to give away photos and that’s been a whole revolution and a revelation as far as making customers extremely happy.”

Responding to changing market conditions can be stressful for small businesses. You can feel like you need to learn everything all over again. The Ranch responded to these changes by adopting online booking and giving away photos to all of their customers using Fotaflo and achieved amazing results.

In the three years since, they’ve:

  1. Experienced 20% year-over-year growth.
  2. Increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Increased staff tips.
  4. Started planning to expand to a new tour business.

We recently caught up with Vanessa Warren, owner of The Ranch, to talk about their journey.

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Chad Ingles

Written by Chad Ingles

Chad is responsible for leading the operations and technology of our business to enable our exciting plans for growth. He brings 20 years of experience in large scale technology innovation, development, deployment and management. He has worked at all levels of business and technology from start-ups to global enterprises including internationally. Chad is passionate about new experiences and is ready to do anything involving outdoor adventure, travel, and food!

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