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Enhance Guest Experience & Sell More Tours with Your Booking Software

June 18, 2023

Imagine a world where scaling your tour business is not only possible but also effortless. A world where your booking software becomes your ultimate technology partner, propelling your business to unprecedented success.

In this ever-changing world with fierce competition and customers craving unforgettable experiences, your booking software holds the key to unlocking new possibilities. It goes beyond just managing reservations; it can become the driving force behind your profitability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Think about it: as you set your sights on selling more tours, your booking software becomes the ultimate facilitator, streamlining every step of the process. It may have started as a humble tool to lighten your workload, but it holds the power to transform your business entirely. This is why we think it is important for you to understand its potential and hidden capabilities to enhance your guest experience and boost sales. 

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Safari Brand Marketing For the Adventure Seeker

June 12, 2023

Imagine this: Your customers eagerly share cherished photos and videos of your safari across social channels. As their posts gain traction, a ripple effect occurs, attracting the attention of new potential adventurers and generating invaluable referral leads. The result? Your safari company's reach expands organically, captivating the hearts of thrill-seekers far and wide. 

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May Winner. Capture photos and videos of your guests to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

June 9, 2023

Congratulations to Sean Macy from Maui Pineapple Tour in beautiful Maui, Hawaii, who is the May winner of the Fotaflo Monthly Advocate Contest.

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Beyond the Brochure: Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

June 5, 2023

Hoteliers and resort managers: It’s your moment to shine. 

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Capture photos and videos of your guests to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

June 1, 2023

Congratulations to the guide from Runners Adventures in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, who is the April winner of the new Fotaflo Monthly Advocate Contest.

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