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In a previous Fotaflo blog, we discussed the one photo every tour and activity guest wants. Do you know what it is? It’s a posed, intentional photo where you can clearly see your guests’ smiling and the amazing emotions they felt during their experience. 

But there’s one word in the sentence above that your tour or activity business needs to remember when taking photos - intent! 

Customers want to take the memories of their experience home with them. That’s why it’s important to take one intentional photo that truly captures the emotions that your customers were experiencing during the time they spent with your brand. 

Tour and activity operators must ensure that customers have a memorable experience, and that those memories are captured in a photograph. 

This is something that the Fotaflo team discussed with Allan Graves, Founder of San Francisco Love Tours, which offers unique, engaging and truly memorable tour experiences of San Francisco. 

To ensure their customers are left with a memorable experience that they can relive over and over again, Allan Graves works with his tour guides to ensure they are taking photos of customers with intent. 

Photos are taken with intent to showcase three core things:

  • The customer was somewhere amazing.
  • The customer was somewhere they want to remember.
  • The customer had an experience they want to share with others.

The idea is to take a photo of the customer that they want to make their profile photo across their social media channels. 

Allan Graves said: “Whether it’s one customer or a couple we do one photo and we set up that amazing profile photo. 

“When they’re together we want to make sure they create that magic together, so when they look at the photo they look at each other, they look back at the photo, they look at each other and they’re like “we love this”, “no I love you”... “no I love you” - and they just have that moment with each other.”

Interested in hearing more about taking tour and activity photos with intent? Check out the video below to hear how Allan Graves at San Francisco Love Tours uses intent to deliver valuable photo memories to customers. 

HubSpot Video


How can Fotaflo help you deliver photos with intent? 

Taking photos with intent is a more strategic method of taking and delivering photos to your customers than traditional methods, such as taking photos on your customers’ smartphones. When you take photos with intent you’ll instead start with just one photo that is perfectly designed to give your customers an amazing memory of their experience. Remember, when taking photos of your customers, it’s all about quality not quantity! 

When you use a simple and easy photo sharing platform like Fotaflo, this entire process of taking, sharing and re-engaging guests with photo memories becomes easy. 

Our innovative photo marketing solution simplifies and automates the distribution of photos and videos to all of your customers, so that your guides have more time to take one truly amazing photo of each customer…with intent. 

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Fotaflo today for a free demo of how our innovative photo marketing platform works

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