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The one photo every guest wants

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The first thing your guests want is an amazing experience. The second most important thing they want is to take their memories home with them.

Taking photos of your guests:

  1. Allows them to enjoy their experience without the distraction of taking their own photos.
  2. Improves their experience because you're providing an additional valuable service.
  3. Provides an opportunity for fun interaction between guides and guests.
  4. Gives them better photo memories.

If you need more convincing here are more reasons why you should take photos of your guests.

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Don't mistake photo marketing with marketing photos

One of the most common mistakes we see with photo systems is forgetting that the photos are for your guests. Like everything in business it's important to always think about what your customers want. In the case of a photo marketing service your customers want great-looking photos they can share online or by email. This is different than the photos that you might use to market your business in print ads, billboards, or brochures.

You want a photo service that is repeatable so every guest gets the same high quality memories to take home with them. You don't want artistic photos or photo locations made up on-the-fly.


But we can't take photos throughout our tour or activity...

Many businesses just starting out with a photo service, whether they sell photos or give them away, assume that more photos results in happier guests. However this is absolutely not the case. In fact, too many photos can lead to customer dissatisfaction!

Incorporating photos into your tour experience will add even more value, but you don't need to start out taking multiple photos throughout your tour or activity. In fact, we usually recommend that you start out providing just one photo of your guests.

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The one photo you should take

The most important photos for guest happiness are posed, intentional photos where you can clearly see the guest's smiling face and they look great. Think about the photos that people share on social media. That's the photo that you want to deliver to your guests.

The one photo that you can start taking today is an intentional reservation photo. This is a photo of guests who registered together, usually a group of friends or family members.

Take this reservation photo when they're ready to start their activity. They should be wearing any required gear, but still on the ground and excited about what's to come.

This quick, simple photo doesn't require any changes to your tour or activity operations. It can be taken by any of your staff who are with your guests getting them excited about what's to come.


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Written by Chad Ingles

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