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In order to design the right photo service you need to think carefully about which photos will make your guests happy and fulfill your business goals.

We've discovered that intentional photos convert guests into advocates far more than action photos. Guests want to see themselves in a great intentional photo doing the activity along with any gear that they were wearing.

What is an intentional photo?

An intentional photo is a planned photos. One where the photographer directs the guest(s) in order to get the best result. This includes things like telling the guest where to stand and which way to face. Photographers should take into consideration the time of day and sun location to get the best lighting.

Intentional photos should clearly show the guests are participating in an adventure. Focus on a mixture of up close photos and photos from a medium distance where you can see the gear, kayak, horse, whatever elements your activity includes. If there are noteworthy natural features during your activity, be sure to include those in your intentional photos.

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What is an action photo?

It's pretty straightforward. An action photo is one where the photographer hasn't given the guest direction to take the photo. This type of photo has a chance to be those once-in-a-lifetime photos, but most will be challenging to capture. It's often difficult to see the guests' smiling faces or even identify them.

Kohala Zipline - 2018-09-20-10-47-59-990-q1m8

An action photo can happen at any time (as long as you're still following the 5 Foundational Priorities of any Photo Service) and it can be difficult to get the camera ready in time, lighting correct, and position the camera and the guest in the frame to get a good result. More likely you will get action photos that aren't actually very flattering. Avoid action photos where you can’t see the guest's face.

In fact, the best action photos are actually intentional action photos! Taking the time to properly set up an action photo will produce much better results than trying frantically to capture something in the moment.

Fotaflo - 2018-04-12-16-06-00-000-12km-1

What are the actual and perceived guest needs?

Most guests will say they want an amazing action photo of their activity. And most businesses assume these are the photos that will produce the best word-of-mouth marketing results.

We call this the perceived guest need because it's what they think they need. However, most likely these action photos aren't the ones that will be shared online. They are necessary for the guest to see themselves doing the activity, to capture the memory of the actual activity, but they are usually too far from the camera to see them smiling, might be a bit blurry, and often have gear or other obstructions blocking the view.

The actual guest need is a great intentional photo. A close-up portrait or full-body photo that shows them relaxed and smiling.

1000 Islands Kayaking - 2018-07-14-18-58-00-000-d5v5

In Summary

Think about a providing the guest with their new profile photo for all their social media pages. Once in a while you might take a great action photo that fulfills that need. But to consistently provide that photo to all your guests you'll need to have awesome intentional photos taken following a repeatable photo location plan.

You definitely need to provide both intentional and action photos. The guest will still want to see themselves in an action photo, even if it doesn't turn out very well. But more importantly they must have excellent intentional photos that they will want to share with their friends and families.

Throughout your activity 90% of your photos should be intentional, anything less will reduce customer satisfaction.

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Hailey Murphy

Written by Hailey Murphy

Hailey Murphy brings her years of experience from guiding zip line and other eco-tours to her current role guiding our clients through onboarding and into our client success program. Hailey manages the client success program, which means she is responsible for ensuring our clients are successful with their photo service. Hailey spends a great deal of time visiting our clients on site all over the world. Luckily, Hailey enjoys traveling and keeps active between client visit by staying involved with a wide variety of sports.


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