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Enhance the Guest Experience Through Photo Marketing

People pay for experiences for two reasons.

  1. They want an amazing memory
  2. They want photos of themselves enjoying the experience.

This represents a huge opportunity to use the power of memory marketing to improve the guest experience. Offering free photos to your customers, along with your activity, allows you to better meet the needs of your potential customers and convert more inquiries into bookings.

By prioritizing this messaging in all of your tour or activity's marketing, you are helping your clients get what they want when they book an experience with your brand. 

Giving away free photos gives your business a direct, tangible, and valuable differentiator compared to your competition who are still selling expensive photo packages, or not even providing photos at all!

In fact, simply providing free photos to your customers can dramatically improve the guest experience. Here's how:

Free Photos Can Seal the Deal

When guests are looking for an activity, whether they are local or travelling, they are looking for value. They want to know they are getting the best experience for an affordable price.

If you were a guest browsing for activities for an upcoming trip, free photos could be the deciding factor between your business and the one down the road.

Here's how Historic Banning Mills advertises their offering.

Historic Banning Mills free photo advertisement

Kyle Werner, Marketing Manager for American Adventure Park Systems and Screaming Eagle Adventures provides a very clear endorsement of advertising free photos...

Historic Banning Mills

It’s a leg-up on any competitors right off the bat. When guests are researching online and they see Historic Banning Mills or any other location that may be giving away photos that’s a marketing advantage that we have. That guest sees not only am I paying for a zipline tour but I also get to bring those memories home with me for free.

Kyle Werner

Marketing Manager, American Adventure Park Systems and Screaming Eagle Adventures

Customers Recognize and Appreciate Free Photo Memories

Customers recognize and truly appreciate the value of giving them their photo memories for free. Read this amazing, unprompted, customer feedback:

Kauai ATV

It was an absolute extra bonus that our guide took these pictures and sent them to us free of charge, one of the only experiences spent on Kauai that we weren't asked to pay to take our memories with us. That bonus alone makes me 100% more apt to advise friends and family to go on a similar adventure with Kauai ATV.


Kauai ATV

Selling Photos Creates Conflict

Selling photos to your guests can create a negative experience, especially if you're running a group activity and guests who don't plan to buy photos have to wait while you take photos. Taking photos that must be purchased can make guests feel like they are held hostage for something they will have to pay for later.

Your customers' memories shouldn't be monetized by your business, they should be used as an opportunity to enhance your photo marketing strategy.

Historic Banning Mills

Guests are a lot happier about photos being taken. They know it’s already included and it’s free. Now instead of taking time out of their tour to do something that’s just going to be an upsell later they know that the time spent taking photos is only for their benefit.

Kyle Werner

Marketing Manager, American Adventure Park Systems and Screaming Eagle Adventures

Another interesting perspective was provided by Joyce Belcher, Executive Director of Red River Gorge Ziplines. Thinking about your guests and how they might perceive up-sells and add-ons when they can't afford them is a very empathetic perspective and directly leads to a more positive experience for all guests.

Red River Gorge Zipline

Although some people buy their photos you always have that family that can’t. They’re on a budget and maybe they can’t buy their photos. Now it’s a good feeling because they all get to take their photos home.

Joyce Belcher

Executive Director, Red River Gorge Ziplines

Memories Are Not Products

Everything we've learned at Fotaflo by providing photo marketing solutions for over 10 years highlights something very important: memories aren't products.

Photo memories are a unique class of media that can be an amazing marketing asset. That's because they create an authentic emotional connection between your guests, your staff, and your business.

When guests must purchase their own memories it can feel tacky and like they're being held hostage. As a result, they have a poorer experience with your brand, especially if they bring their own devices and try to take photos of their own adventure.

Treating guests with respect and empathy and realizing that giving them their photo memories simplifies your operations and makes them happier. It also makes you stand out from the competition during the guest buying journey, and ultimately means you're providing a better experience.

And that's what your business is all about, isn't it?

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