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Starting a food tour company to guide travelers around the best restaurants in your neighborhood? We know why! 

Culinary tourism is becoming increasingly popular among travelers and ‘foodies.’ So much so that Research and Markets expect global food tourism to value at $1,796.5 billion by 2027, that’s a whopping 16.8% CAGR from 2020. 

But for food tour marketing to be successful, knowing your audience and area is essential. What do the foodies want? How can your tour meet those desires? And what do you offer that no competing food tour guides can? It all boils down to the 4 Ps: product, place, price, and promotion. Let’s dig in! 

Make sure your food tour is unique

Did you know demand for non-alcoholic cocktails rose 33% in 2021? Or that there are several categories of sustainable food tours, including farm-to-table restaurants, hidden vegan spots, and plastic-free service? When it comes to food tours, product and place go hand in hand. From zero-kilometer eats to zero-proof cocktails, take a look at the food trends in your area and define your USPs.

Perhaps you’re the only one offering a food tour in your town, in which case the world is your oyster! But if this is the case, do your target market research. What do tourists come to your town for? Which restaurants, food stalls, and hidden gems do you know won’t disappoint?

Or food tours are already a craze in your region. In this scenario, what can you add to your food tour business model that no one else has? Reaching niche food groups such as gluten-free, pescatarians, and fruit fanatics can help you stand out from the crowd.

How to price a food tour

The third ‘P’ means it’s time for food tour guides to do some number crunching. Will any food or transport be included in the price? Or will guests get to choose what they buy on the tour? Speak to your selected restaurants to develop your package and take a look at your competitors’ prices for a benchmark—especially those with higher ratings.

Quality self-guided food tours can start at less than $40 per person and go up to as much as $500, depending on the quality of food, culinary expertise, and transport involved. These prices include tasting menu items, taxes, and tips at each stop.

You can even offer higher-priced luxury by leveling up your cuisine. Remember, travelers are willing to pay a premium if food quality, niches, top-notch service, or stunning locations are involved. And if you’re just starting a food tour company, limited edition offers with lower prices can encourage more consumers to try it.

Promoting your culinary delights

So you’ve found your niche and confirmed your restaurant highlights, now you’re ready for some food tour marketing:

  1. Your hidden gems are your ambassadors: Ask staff at each tour stop to tell their customers about you. You can prepare flyers and social media posts for them to share and help you spread the word. More business for you means more business for them!

  2. Create a website AND social media page: While old-school telephone and in-person bookings can give an element of rustic exclusivity, 88% of consumers use the internet to research services like food tours before purchasing. Websites provide credibility, brand personality, USP communication, and, most importantly, reviews.

  3. The referral marketing ripple effect: Family and friends’ social media posts influence 41% of food travelers. Not to mention customer reviews can increase conversions by 270%. That means the best addition to your food tour business model is happy customers who share photos and comments about their experience with you.  

At Fotoflo, we ensure every guest has a memory to take home—captured in a photo. Food tour guides can download our photo marketing mobile app and take pictures of their guests at each stop. The best part is, once integrated with your food tour company booking software, a unique slot will appear on the app for every booked customer. You can use this to capture their special moments, and after taking the last photo, simply send it, and each guest will instantly receive a personalized photo album to keep.

Wait, there’s more. Your company-branded albums are pre-designed with call-to-actions, making it easy for customers to share their favorite photos on social media or leave reviews on your website in just one click.

Are you ready to start a referral marketing ripple effect with your food tour guests? Schedule a free Fotaflo demo today. Our team of experts would love to help.

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