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Break out of cold, mechanical marketing

A lot of marketing advice is in the form of top-ten tricks, or formulaic cookie-cutter techniques. These days, it's very often about how to maximize advertising to strangers using paid social or search advertising. While there is some value in these tools, most tour, activity, and attraction businesses know that referral and repeat bookings are how to build a stable revenue foundation.

Even businesses that are engaging with their past guests using email newsletters or blog posts struggle to make meaningful connections. It's difficult to get a guest's attention these days with a generic marketing newsletter. We all know what it's like to receive the constant stream of these emails.

With photo marketing you customize your messages to include each guest's own photo memories and build authentic meaningful relationships with them. This is the true meaning of "engagement". With this relationship established your guests are happy to share their photos with friends and family, or write a positive online review of your business.

How can you market authentically during Covid-19?

We recently started running campaigns with our customers that include a simple call-to-action: "Here are your photos from when you visited us. We hope you enjoy looking back on a happy memory during these stressful times. We'd love it if you could share them with friends and family."

In these photo albums we also started including videos thanking guests for their business and reiterating the message above.

Here's an example from Julieann Burroughs, one of the owners at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours:

HubSpot Video

Often marketing content is designed to perfection. What you'll notice about these videos is they are informal, heartfelt messages. This isn't a blanket message to a lookalike audience in a paid social ad. Fotaflo lets you deliver your message as though you're speaking with each guest individually. 

Here's another great example of a heartfelt thank you from Jason Cohn, President at Kohala Zipline.

HubSpot Video

These campaigns are generating incredible results including open rates of 116% and click rates of 16%, several times what you can expect to see with standard marketing emails.

We're seeing genuine, heartfelt messages from past guests who are touched to receive the photo memories of a happier time. Many are committing to returning to our customers' businesses when things get back to normal. Read our recent post: Quotes from this week's remarketing campaigns.

Fotaflo enables your business to create this type of authentic, meaningful, communication with all your past guests. You can re-engage with them weeks, months, and years after their visit.

If you have existing photos you can associate with past guests we will help you, for free, to import those photos into Fotaflo so you can make use of this valuable marketing asset. Just get in touch and we'll work with you one-on-one.

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Chad Ingles

Written by Chad Ingles

Chad is responsible for leading the operations and technology of our business to enable our exciting plans for growth. He brings 20 years of experience in large scale technology innovation, development, deployment and management. He has worked at all levels of business and technology from start-ups to global enterprises including internationally. Chad is passionate about new experiences and is ready to do anything involving outdoor adventure, travel, and food!

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