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We've been doing this for a while! Here's a short video from another long-time client, Historic Banning Mills, from over 6 years ago!

Using Fotaflo for your photo marketing service has many benefits. In this video Mike Holder, owner of Historic Banning Mills speaks about his experience switching to Fotaflo.

He highlights how it help guides provide a better experience and be more engaged with their guests, automates previous manual effort, as well as his experience with our training programs.

We've spent nearly a decade and worked with hundreds of businesses developing a solution that works for all types of tours and experiences. Why spend time worrying about custom technology and unreliable, manual processes when you could be focusing on what's most important to your business: providing an amazing guest experience!


What is Fotaflo? 

Fotaflo is a memory marketing platform that simplifies and automates the distribution of photos and videos to all of your customers.

By simplifying and automating the distribution of photos and videos to all your customers through one centralized platform, Fotaflo improves your internal processes and helps you grow through photo marketing. 

This enables your business to:

  • Gain new referral leads;
  • improve the customer experience;
  • increase online reviews;
  • engage your advocates;
  • and generate repeat bookings.

Interested in learning more about the Fotaflo platform? Get in touch with our team of photo marketing experts today. We would love to answer any questions that you may have. 

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