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Use Photo Memories to Drive Repeat Bookings

It’s quite simple. Would you rather receive a generic newsletter, or an email with your personal photo memories?

Re-marketing with photo memories will revolutionize the way your tour or activity business engages with past customers.

Showing your past customers the great time they had with your business, and reminding them of their memory through photo marketing, increases interaction with your brand and generates more leads and bookings.

Authentic Word-of-Mouth Marketing

How do you nurture your relationships with your guests over the long-term? Most experiential businesses like tours and activities have realized how important it is to maintain a connection with past guests.

Word-of mouth marketing is still the most valuable form of marketing. You can spend a lot of time and money hunting for new customers, or you can get all your past customers to do the work for you.

With the Fotaflo platform, we've seen incredible results with very simple, authentic messages sent to past guests. We truly believe that sending photo memories is the most successful marketing strategy for tour and activity operators. 

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Social Media vs Email Marketing

Yes, everyone is on social media these days. And consumers spend a ton of time scrolling through their various feeds. But you might be surprised to know that email is still the top channel when it comes to marketing return-on-investment.

"When you look at the effectiveness of email compared to social media and take a peek at the ROI of each, it’s pretty clear that email is the winner. By a lot." 1

Reach and engagement rates on social media like Facebook are actually very low. On Facebook you often reach less than 6% of your audience, and engagement rates can be as low as 0.5%! 2

"...the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is 122%, which is more than 4 times higher than other marketing formats including social media, direct mail, and paid search." 3

Social media is still an essential channel for marketing your business and photo marketing certainly makes use of it, but it serves a different purpose. Social sharing of photos by your guests is how you grow your network to reach new customers, while email marketing is how you engage with your past customers.


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Go Further Than Just Generic Emails

The first step to getting a customer to engage with your business is to get their attention, right? Well, there's no better way to get someone's attention than photos of themselves doing something awesome. But most businesses are stuck sending out generic marketing email newsletters once in a while, and just accept that they'll get low engagement.

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At Fotaflo we have data from years of providing a photo marketing platform to hundreds of businesses and close to a million guests of those businesses.

Our email open rates for the initial delivery of photos averages around 400%! How do you get an open rate higher than 100%? This is what happens when you send your guests their own photos: they forward the email to all their friends and family. Compare this with the average marketing email open rate of around 20%. 4 5

Click-through rates on delivering photos by email average 235%. That's not a typo. When you deliver personal photos to your guests they, and anyone they forward the email to, will click through to view the photos online. These click-through rates are off the chart compared to average rates of around 2.5%. 4 5




Re-Marketing With Memories

When you capture and give away photo memories to all your guests you are building a permanent marketing asset. With Fotaflo you can send out email campaigns to all past customers with their own personal photo memories.

When you include your marketing message with personal photo memories you create an authentic connection with past guests, reminding them of the amazing experience they had at your business. We've seen guests re-share their photos and generate new referrals years after they actually visited a business.

In Fotaflo it's easy to filter your past guests and send them the message you want along with automatically including their past photos.

How well does it work? Very! Here are a few responses from guests of one of our Hawaiian clients.  This was an extremely simple campaign where they sent a simple message of thanks to past guests, along with their photo memories.  

"This is the BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!! What a treat, and how thoughtful you are to be so kind to us during this challenging time. We are eager to get back to Hawaii and hope to visit your establishment again!!"


"Great memories! Thank you for sharing these photos! We hope to return one day!"


"Thanks so much! Made my day! We had a trip planned for March 12 to Kohala, but, of course, we had to cancel... We will b back asap! Xo"


Rocky Mountain Outfitters - 2019-08-01-09-47-46-000-1pgbu


Amazing Marketing ROI - A Real Life Example

One of our clients sent a short message to all of their past guests, more than 12,000 email addresses. This included guests who originally visited all the way back to 2014. This campaign generated 3455 new referral leads when past guests again shared their photos with friends and family.

Since these leads are seeing someone they know and trust advocate your business, it's safe to say this message is far more powerful than a generic marketing message coming from your brand. If we compare the cost and value of this lead stream vs. cost-per-click advertising channels like Facebook or Google the comparable dollar value in new leads can be estimated to be between $3000 - $5000 USD.

Read the rest of the article on real world photo marketing results from this campaign.


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Do You Want These Results For Your Business?

Fotaflo has pioneered photo marketing and has helped hundreds of businesses to increase revenue by driving referral and repeat bookings. You can sign up today for a 14-day free trial and get started delivering photos right away. If you're not sure if it can work for your business book a one-on-one demo and we'll show you.


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