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In the world of photo marketing services it's sometimes easier to learn by seeing examples of what works best. Here is an example album we've put together for a horseback trail ride. There are a few important points about putting together photo albums that we want to highlight before we get to the examples.

  1. Providing a consistent set of photos to guests requires creating a repeatable plan for which photos you take.
  2. It's important to provide the right mix of photos. You can see below that most of the photos are individual intentional photos with only a few action photos and group photos.  Intentional photos are the most important photos to provide to your guests.
  3. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to a photo marketing service.

Getting Started

Take some individual photos of each guest before they get started on their activity. Preferably with their horse when they're excited about what's to come!

Heading out on the Trail

Take group and reservation photos once your group is moving on the trail. It is important to communicate to the guests that you will be taking their photos and to have them look at the camera.

Individual Trail Photos

Individual intentional photos are the most important photos to provide to your guests.

Reservation Photos

Take a photo of guests that booked a tour together.

Post-Activity Group Photo

Give your guests one last group photo after they've completed their activity.

Wrapping Up

We hope seeing an example of a well-designed album for a horseback trail ride will help you deliver the best photo marketing service for your guests. If you're still not sure how to choose photo locations and craft the right album please contact us. We love working with businesses to create repeatable, easy-to-operate, photo marketing services to help you grow.


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