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Do you struggle to easily provide all of your customers with photo and video memories of their experience? Do you want to create long-lasting engagement with your guests? Would you benefit from a FareHarbor integration with a photo and video partner that removes all of the manual work in delivering guest memories and then helps increase repeat and referral business through customer shared memories?

Watch our webinar featuring Wine, Beer and Cider Tour Operator Ride The Bine to learn how the Fotaflo integration with FareHarbor allows complete automation in delivering guest memories to generate trackable referrals and grow business.

In this webinar you will learn how the single most impactful thing you can do to grow your business is to start giving away photo and video memories to your guests.

Free, shared photos provide a trusted and organic referral for your business to a captive audience with minimal overhead costs. When captured and delivered effectively they can be your most powerful tool to drive repeat and referral business.

This session includes the following:

  • How free photos can grow your business.
  • Lessons learned from giving away photos at Ride the Bine
  • How Fotaflo works
  • How Ride the Bine operates Fotaflo.
  • Why this works including data, marketing, and business results at Ride the Bine.
  • Q&A

Guest Speakers

Ryan O'Grady, CEO - Fotaflo

Amanda Dooney, Owner and Tour Animator - Ride The Bine

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