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Let’s embrace it, most of your guests are having photos taken of themselves at your business and sharing them with friends and family online.

These photos shared by your guests can generate leads that are more targeted, more valuable and more affordable to gain than any paid advertising including Facebook, Google or Instagram ads, or any marketing content created in-house which is exactly why you should give them away to every guest who comes through your door!

We know the value of shared photos and so does Vail Resorts:

“We gave the photos to our guests for free so they could share it on Facebook or Twitter. If a guest wants a photo of themselves at our resort, and they want to put that on Facebook, then that’s the best advertising we could ever get…” - Rob Katz, CEO Vail Resorts

If bookings are more important to you than photo revenue, join the pioneer of photo referral marketing systems, Fotaflo founder, Ryan O’Grady to learn how giving your guests free photos will get you:

  1. A competitive advantage in your market.
  2. Higher conversions of leads and inquiries to bookings.
  3. Increased referral bookings.
  4. Increased repeat business.
  5. Increased value and volume of online reviews.

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