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Fotaflo Product Updates

Fotaflo - 2018-04-12-15-47-00-000-12jl

Disable reminders for specific deliveries

Guest Portal Update

Introducing Guest Messaging

Updating Promo Media for Existing Albums

Analytics Update

Covid-19 Automatic Reminder Template

Introducing Fotaflo Analytics

Custom SMS Messages

Android and iOS Improvements

Smartwaiver Add-on for reservation integrations

Automatic Checkfront Delivery

Integration Improvements and other fixes

Android App Reminder: Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Custom Email Subject

iOS App Version 1.2 Released

Improved Email Sharing

Automatic Advocate Reminders

Reminder: editing albums, email templates, easy multi-select

Editing Albums

Email Templates

Easy Multi-Select

Deliver Albums with a Custom Email Address

Spring 2019 Update

Improved Billing & Invoicing

Zapier and Rezdy Integrations

Improved Album Thumbnails

More Email Content Control

Marketing Dashboard

January 2019 Updates

Support for .HEIC Photos and Improved Web Importing

Automatic FareHarbor Delivery

Portal Changes - Nov 26, 2018

Email Content Control

Android QR Code Improvements

Fotaflo for iPhone Now Available

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