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We released an update to the Fotaflo Android app to improve the reliability of QR code scanning for those of you who are using QR codes to organize your photos and videos.

Scanning QR codes can sometimes be tricky in real-world scenarios where the tag might be in a difficult-to-scan location, and lighting can be too dark or too bright.

This new update should result in more reliable and faster scanning in normal circumstances and greatly improve the performance in challenging environments.

The QR code scanner will now attempt to autofocus on the tag, but it will also automatically adjust the exposure to attempt to increase the contrast of the code. This can make it possible to scan tags when there is a bright backlight, such as when there is a bright sky behind the tag.

We've also added a button on the tag scanning view to manually turn the camera flash on and off. This can help in very low-light environments. The app will remember if you've turned the flash on and use that setting until you turn it off.

To check if you have this latest version of the app open the main menu and select About. If you see 2.0.5 (91) you have this new version. If you see anything less you can use the Google Play Store app to update the Fotaflo Android app on your device.

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