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Promo media in Fotaflo gives you the ability to add predetermined photos and videos to the albums you deliver to your guests. This serves two very important purposes:

  1. It ensures that all your guests receive specific, important photos of your business. For example, making sure they all get great photos of noteworthy landscapes or wildlife that are part of the tour. Obviously wildlife doesn't always cooperate, so reuse your existing awesome photos and include them automatically.
  2. You can include personal thank you videos to extend your authentic connection between your customers and your business. Having guides, or ownership, include a personal thank you video thanking your customer for choosing your business and asking them to share their photo memories online and write reviews results in far higher rates of sharing and reviews.

With this latest update we've made it easier to update your promo media for existing albums. If you have the promo media feature as part of your Fotaflo plan you can now select multiple albums from the Albums page and update the promo media set that is included in all of them all at once.

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