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Fotaflo is introducing a new feature that enables you to send album deliveries from your company email address.

This new feature lets you communicate with your guests using your own trusted email address and can help to keep emails out of spam folders.

Keep deliveries out of spam folders

Email is the primary method for delivering photos and videos to your guests so it's critical that we keep those emails from being recognized as spam and blocked from delivery to their mailboxes. 

With this new feature you can send the album delivery emails using your own email address to help increase the trust and reputation of the emails to help keep the emails from bouncing or ending up in spam folders.
If your guests are used to receiving your emails from a specific email address or domain this will make it easier for them to recognize Fotaflo emails since they will come from the same address.
Communicate directly with your guests
Setting your own email address means you will receive any replies from guests. Often guests reply with positive feedback about your service, staff, or their experience in general. Now you will receive this feedback directly.
Having your staff monitor this email address and interact with the guests for any feedback they have or support that they need will be a better experience for the guests. This will help streamline guest support and helps keep your guests within your brand.
We are currently looking for locations to Beta test this feature. Please contact us to set up your sender email address.

Topics: Web Application, Email, Delivery