Are you looking to get more repeat business and encourage advocate marketing for your tour or activity business? Fotaflo and Flybook have launched a new feature to help - automated birthday messages.

Following last year’s announcement of Fotaflo’s direct integration with Flybook, we’re happy to announce that users of Fotaflo and Flybook are now able to set up automated birthday reminders in Fotaflo. 

Automated birthday messages are sent out before customer’s (or their children’s) birthday, reminding them of your organization’s birthday party packages, discounts and other exclusive offers. 

These reminders are sent with real customer photos, reminding them of the positive experience that they had with your brand.

“Birthdays are a huge driver for customers to make purchases in the activity and tour industry. Customers today would rather spend their money on an experience than buy something physical. Automated birthday messages are the perfect way for users of the Fotaflo and Flybook integration to generate repeat bookings,” commented Ryan O’Grady, Founder and President of Fotaflo. 

How do automated birthday messages work?

Giving away photos that remind your customers of their experience is highly beneficial. By providing customers with a positive memory of their day with your brand, tour and activity businesses are able to drive up repeat bookings, improve the guest experience, and generate new referral bookings.

The Fotaflo and Flybook integration has made it easy to achieve that, by streamlining the operation of your photo marketing service.

Using an API key, Fotaflo is directly integrated into your Flybook account. When clients sign their waiver, a client record is automatically created and sent to the Fotaflo account - allowing for automated photo messages to be sent out to everyone who participated in your tour or activity.

With Fotaflo and Flybook’s new feature, automated birthday messages can be sent out to wish previous clients a happy birthday and invite them to experience your brand again with an enticing offer.

Historic Banning Mills Shares Results

Birthdays are a big driver for people to make purchases in the tour or activity business. Let’s take a look at how one company, Historic Banning Mills, has leveraged the Flybook and Fotaflo direct integration to send photo download reminders and automated birthday messages to increase revenue and repeat business. 

Since they started using the integration at the beginning of 2018, Historic Banning Mills has sent more than 67,000 automated emails, achieving the following results:

108% open rates: With over 100% open rates, all customers are opening the emails that Historic Banning Mills sends - with some opening them more than once. 

22% click rates: Of those opening the emails, 22% are also clicking on the CTAs within the emails to purchase the deal being offered.

0% spam reports: With no spam reports to date, Historic Banning Mills is sending the content that their customers want.

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