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Integration Improvements

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Reservation and waiver system integrations are a huge success for our clients and we continue to invest in improvements to streamline your operations even more.

We just released a few improvements to integrations.


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Wherewolf Integration Activities

Clients with multiple activities set up in Wherewolf can now see the activity in the Fotaflo label. With this improvement you can also select which activities they want to connect with Fotaflo to filter out unwanted activities.



Xola with Multiple Locations

We now support sending bookings from one Xola dashboard to multiple locations. If you are using the Xola integration with multiple locations please contact us to help get you set up.


Active Label Period

We know from working with 100's of tour, attraction, and activity businesses that operational procedures are highly customized to each business. When reservation labels are displayed in our Android and iOS apps we filter the list to only the labels that are most relevant at the time. We've heard from several clients that the default time window doesn't work for them so we've expanded it with additional options. In your integration settings you can now select how long of a time period you want to see labels in the mobile app.

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