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Change the wording on the "View your photos" button

You can now set the text that will be used for the "View your photos" button in all emails that are sent to guests. This will be helpful for clients who need to include a different language or wording in their emails.

Separate calls-to-action for different email messages

You can now customize the call-to-action ("CTA") in each of the different types of email notifications that are sent to your guests.

Depending on your specific Fotaflo configuration your guests will receive email notifications for a variety of reasons:

  • Free give-away access to photos
  • Purchases
  • Preview deliveries
  • Automatic and manual reminders
  • Reminders send from the advocates page
  • Email sent to people that your guests share their photos with

Under email settings you can now set a different CTA for all of these emails. So if you want to provide a different URL for different types of deliveries you now have that ability. If you have the ability to add coupon codes or other information to your URLs you can also make use of those.

As always, if you need any help please contact us.

Topics: Marketing, Email, Delivery