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Product feedback inspired update

Our reservation processing system has recently been updated to handle Zaui and Checkfront cancellations and rebookings.

Cancelled reservations through those integrations will now remove the associated label if that label hadn't already been attached to any media at the time of the cancellation.

No configuration changes are required for clients using the Zaui and Checkfront integrations to take advantage of this change, however, ensure that your mobile devices are updated to the latest version to make sure they properly remove the deleted labels of cancelled reservations.

Learn more about Zaui

Maui is a reservation management system, built specifically for the tour and transportation industry. Uses are able to improve their online bookings and deliver superior guest experiences with a reservation management system built specifically for the tourism industry. 

With Maui, tour and activity operators are able to ramp up their bookings, streamline day-to-day operations by cutting down on phone time and paper work, as well as grow sales and partnership opportunities that encourage new business growth. 

Learn more about Fotaflo 

Fotaflo is a memory marketing platform that has been specifically built to help tour and activity providers automate the distribution of photos and videos to their customers, as well as access the benefits that photo marketing can bring.

In essense, Fotaflo is a photo and video marketing platform that empowers tour and activity operators to improve their internal processes, enhance the guest experience and drive new bookings. We are here to help your activity and tour operators grow their business!

Are you interested in learning more about how Fotaflo can help grow your business? Get in touch with our team of photo marketing specialists today, or hit the button below to get a free demo of our innovative platform. We would love to help. 


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