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In a previous blog, 4 Ways to Enhance Your Escape Room Market Strategy, we discussed a few of the top ways in which you can improve your escape room marketing strategy and beat your competitors to new bookings.

In that blog, we discussed how escape room photos are the most effective way to promote your brand and generate bookings from both past customers and new prospects. 

But how exactly can you use the power of photo marketing to enhance your escape room marketing strategy and realize improved return on investment (ROI)?

In this blog we take a more in-depth look at the top five ways in which you can use photo marketing to drive new bookings and increase profits. 

1. A photo marketing platform helps to share your brand with new prospects

All too often, we see escape room businesses selling photos to their customers in an attempt to improve their profit margins. Not only is this not profitable for business owners, who spend money on the complex processes and hardware to pull it off, it’s ignoring the huge opportunity that comes with photo marketing. 

When escape rooms offer free photos through a photo marketing platform (such as Fotaflo), they empower their customers to share photos of their experience across their social media, which help to bring new prospects to your brand. 

You can take this one step further by allowing customers to share their photos through a custom-branded web page, giving you influence over the buyers’ journey for new prospects. 

2. Improve your escape room marketing campaign with an email remarketing strategy

Customers shouldn’t just disappear after they have completed their experience with your escape room brand. If you have the permission to contact them again in the future, then they are an incredibly valuable remarketing resource.

Email remarketing gives your escape room the opportunity to increase both the odds that a customer will make repeat bookings, as well as help promote your experience to their friends and family. 

A highly effective way to remarket your business to past customers is by sending escape room photos that remind them of the incredible experience they had with your brand. To increase your chance of ROI, do this on important days such as their birthday or the anniversary of when they had their experience with your business.

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3. Use real escape room photos to enhance how your website looks

When it comes to booking experiences, most prospects want to know that it's worth the money before making a purchase. That’s why they typically do research on how past customers felt during and after their experience. 

If you have permission from your past customers, to use photos of them on your website (and social media) enjoying themselves at your escape room business, this can help to encourage others to book with your brand.

4. Run a user-generated content contest

If you’re looking for ways to build buzz on social media and increase the number of followers you have, a user-generated content (UGC) hashtag contest may be effective for your brand. 

A UGC hashtag contest is a giveaway in which your business asks its followers to post a piece of content on a social network, accompanied with a specific hashtag, in exchange for the chance to win a prize. 

This gives your customers the chance to share escape room photos of the amazing experience they had with your brand. This is a fun and effective way for your business to reach new prospects. 

5. Use free photos to ask customers for a review

Reviews are critical for the success of your business, but asking customers to leave one can be tricky. There’s a fine balance between asking for a review and coming across as desperate. 

Sending free photos to your customers gives you a seamless and natural way to ask for reviews. Simply send your customers their photos, and include a quick, friendly line on how they can leave a review for your business.

Interested in learning more about how you can use photos to boost marketing impact? Book a demo of the Fotaflo platform today and learn how to enhance your escape room marketing strategy through the power of photo marketing.

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