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Have you always dreamed of owning a wildly successful axe-throwing company? Of course, you have. But starting a business isn’t always easy, and you need a solid axe-throwing business plan to create the perfect guest experience.

A streamlined and customer-focused experience starts from the moment clients make a booking and lasts until well after they’ve left their fun-filled day. Guest experience encompasses a wide variety of things, from customer service and on-site amenities to the little details like temperature and lighting.

So, with so much to think about, what three factors should you consider when creating the perfect axe-throwing guest experience? Let’s jump in.

Design the perfect atmosphere

Getting the ambiance just right is a huge factor in any business, and you want the vibe to be perfect. So to start, you need to think about the decor of your axe-throwing spot. Do you want to evoke a more rural, woodsy atmosphere or an urban and edgy one?

Once this is decided, you should coordinate your furniture, lighting, and music to evoke the right atmosphere. You can use natural features like wood and subdued tones for a more rustic look or statement furniture and striking lighting if you prefer a more contemporary style. Neon signs and themed decorations are fun additions that give your space flair.

Once you’ve cracked the ambiance code, this will help your guests relax and get them in the mood for some axe-throwing. Your thoughtful designs also create the perfect backdrops for top-class photos… but we’ll get to why that’s important later.

Safety first everyone

While axe-throwing has an element of danger, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular, people do want to make it out alive. Serious injuries tend to have a bit of an effect on the guest experience.

It’s your duty to ensure your clients are safe while they’re having a good time. Therefore, you must have knowledgeable and experienced staff who can teach axe-throwing methods, enforce safety regulations, and keep an eye on the throwing lanes.

Before clients start throwing, explain your safety policies and procedures to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Also, having the proper safety tools available, such as solid wooden targets and top-quality axes, is crucial. Axes should be sharpened and inspected for damage regularly. And to avoid any mishaps, it’s also a good idea to place safety barriers between the throwing lanes.

You can build a solid reputation for your axe-throwing business and enhance the guest experience by putting safety first.

Let tech do the hard work for you

Once you’ve built the perfect vibe, and all your clients are safely throwing their axes and having the time of their lives, it’s time for the guest experience to hit a new level.

Photos and videos provide visitors with a unique and unforgettable souvenir of their visit and are the perfect remarketing tool. But isn’t it frustrating having to upload all your photos and send them one by one to all your special guests? Here at Fotaflo, we let our tech do the leg work, so you don’t have to.

For example, your axe-throwing establishment can use our photo delivery and marketing platform to take and share photos of your clients in action with the click of a button. Our pre-designed albums are built into staff apps so that when the axe-throwing ends, staff close the album, and customers receive their memories instantly. But there’s more, calls to action, including ‘write a review’ and ‘share on social media’ mean customers can upload their photos right away and share the fun with their friends and family.

By providing free photos and videos to your customers, you can enhance the guest experience of your axe-throwing business while improving the quality and quantity of your online reviews. Including a gentle reminder to leave a review with your free photo gift means customers are more likely to oblige, boosting your number of reviews and potential new customers.

Click here to see exactly how the Fotaflo platform works!

Wrapping up

Time and effort must be put in when designing the best guest experience for your axe-throwing guests. With the right decor and mood lighting, thorough safety procedures, and an awesome photo marketing strategy, you’ll have customers raving about their experience and begging to come back for more.

Do you want to increase client satisfaction customer referrals? Book a demo with Fotaflo to learn how our platform can grow your axe-throwing business. 

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