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Photos are one of the most effective ways to market your tour or activity brand to generate new bookings. 

Photo marketing is not only a great way to remarket to past customers and encourage repeat bookings, but it’s an incredibly effective way to improve word-of-mouth marketing by increasing social shares and engagement. 

The Importance of Photo Marketing For Tours and Activities

When you maximize photo marketing by providing free photos to your customers, your tour or activity business will be able to:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Successfully remarket to past customers
  • Generate new bookings
  • Enhance social media exposure 
  • Increase the quantity and quality of online reviews
  • Generate social engagement

But how you share photos with your customers can have a huge impact on whether you are able to maximize the benefits that come with a photo marketing strategy. 

Typical file sharing websites are not the solution

If they aren’t selling photos (which we believe is a bad idea that stops tours and activities from making the most of photo marketing), tour and activity operators typically use file sharing websites such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Smash, SmugMug or ShootProof to share photos and videos with their customers.  

There are several issues with using file sharing websites:

  • They are expensive, and you will have to upgrade for more storage
  • They aren’t white-labelled for your business
  • They don’t offer photo marketing benefits like a specifically-designed photo marketing solution

In some cases, tour and activity operators don’t even use file sharing websites. Instead, they use manual methods to share photos and videos with their customers - such as providing them with a USB or attaching them to emails. 

Not only is this expensive for your business, it’s incredibly time consuming for your guides. It takes their time away from performing higher-value tasks that help grow customer satisfaction for your brand.

Did you know that there’s a far more efficient way to share photos and videos with your customers, and realize all the benefits that come with a successful photo marketing strategy? 

Why tour and activity operators should invest in a photo sharing platform designed specifically for the industry

A photo and video sharing platform, such as Fotaflo, that has been designed specifically for tour and activity operators is the most effective way for your business to share media with its customers.

A photo sharing platform centralizes and automates the distribution of photos and videos to your customers. This seamless process of uploading photos to such a platform and sharing them with customers is more efficient for your guides.

All your guides have to do is simply upload photos and videos onto the platform, and then send those directly to your customers via a custom-branded photo page.

Not only is it more efficient for your guides, but a photo sharing platform that is designed specifically for tour and activity operators allows you to access all of the benefits of a successful photo marketing strategy. 

By sharing photos and videos of your customers via a custom-branded web page, you make it easy for them to share their experiences and memories with their friends and family across social media channels. This can help your business to generate new bookings and increase word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

In addition, you’ll receive data that helps you make future improvements to your marketing program, such as email open rates (for photo remarketing campaigns), data on which past customers are sharing your photos (so you can identify your brand advocates) and much more.

All of these benefits not only save your business time and money, but put you in control of your photo marketing strategy.

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Ryan O'Grady

Written by Ryan O'Grady

Ryan specializes in assessing the photo and video solution needs of clients and has worked with hundreds of businesses around the world to maximize their marketing impact through photos and videos. As a pioneer in the adventure photo and video industry, Ryan loves to share his knowledge and is a presenter at many adventure conferences throughout the year.

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