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TripAdvisor is a very important service for any experiential business, especially for guided tour activities. We know that getting authentic positive reviews written by your guests is a cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Your guests talking about your business by word-of-mouth is always more valuable than you promoting your own business.

We see many businesses working diligently to promote their TripAdvisor page and encouraging their guests to post reviews. However, most often you are doing this at the least opportune time: immediately following the activity. Your guests are excited, tired, thirsty, and are not typically going to post a review immediately anyways. And by the time they get back the hotel or home later they will often lose the motivation to post a positive review on TripAdvisor.

When you provide free photos and videos to your guests you have a channel that you can use to encourage them to write reviews at a later time, when they are re-experiencing their adventure by viewing their photos.

A great way to increase positive online reviews, referrals, and continue your relationship with your guests is to include a personalized thank you video from your guides in their photo albums.

Guides are the strongest connection guests make with your business, which is why they are the feature that guests are most likely to mention on review sites like TripAdvisor.

Including a surprise video in albums, where the guide is asking them for a review is the strongest call to action you could ever introduce to your guests to increase reviews. Plus your guests see it at the best possible time, when they are online, in the comfort of their own home.

Thank You Video Options

There are two options for you to include the thank you video:

  1. Record a personalized thank you video every tour and deliver it to your guests.
  2. Create a generic video to include with every album, if you don't have time to record a video for every tour.

We recommend the first option. It is the strongest call-to-action you can provide. When the guests see you talking directly and personally to them they are more likely to take action and write a positive review.

Script Outline

Keep the script simple. It should be possible to make it under 15 seconds long and include everything that needs to be communicated:

  1. Thank your guests for coming.
  2. If possible, name them (by first name or family name or company).
  3. Mention something about their experience, especially anything that was specific or unique to their tour. Did they see interesting wildlife? A beautiful sunset? Did something funny happen?
  4. Sincerely ask them to review you on Trip Advisor or share their photos.


Here's a great example from Abyss Scuba Diving

HubSpot Video


And a slightly longer one from Red Apple Rides:

HubSpot Video


If you don't have a photo marketing solution already, or your current solution doesn't provide this capability you might be interested in how Fotaflo can help you grow your business by turning every guest into a word-of-mouth advocate for your business. Photos and videos are killer content for increasing the quality and quantity of online reviews.

Why Give Away Photos?

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Hailey Murphy

Written by Hailey Murphy

Hailey Murphy brings her years of experience from guiding zip line and other eco-tours to her current role guiding our clients through onboarding and into our client success program. Hailey manages the client success program, which means she is responsible for ensuring our clients are successful with their photo service. Hailey spends a great deal of time visiting our clients on site all over the world. Luckily, Hailey enjoys traveling and keeps active between client visit by staying involved with a wide variety of sports.


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