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If you're using Checkfront for your reservation system and you give away photos with Fotaflo you can now automatically deliver albums to your reservations.

With this new feature enabled you can use the following workflow to automatically deliver albums to reservations without any action within the Fotaflo web application:

  1. Reservations booked in Checkfront will automatically create labels in Fotaflo with the date, time and reservation booking name like this example: 2020/01/24-10:30 to 12:00-John Smith
  2. Use the reservation label in the Fotaflo Android or iOS apps, or import media in the web application.
  3. As soon as a photo or video is uploaded or imported with the reservation label Fotaflo will create an album and deliver it to any email or phone numbers that were entered in Checkfront for that reservation.
  4. If additional photos or videos are taken with that label they will be added to the album.

This can greatly streamline album delivery if you are using Checkfront and giving away photos to your customers.

Currently, if you'd like to use this feature you'll need to contact us and we will direct you on how to enable it.

Topics: Integrations, Delivery, Checkfront


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