Here are the latest updates to Fotaflo's iOS, Android, and web applications.


  • Fixed a bug where photos wouldn't upload if the combined length of labels was very long (around 2000 characters or more).


  • Fixed a bug that prevented importing existing videos.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in incorrect labels applied to photos and videos.


  • Ignore leading and trailing spaces when entering email addresses. This fixes an issue when guests would enter email addresses with trailing spaces and were prevented from purchasing or sharing their photos in the portal.
  • Fixed bugs related to "guest unlockable media" for clients who sell photos and let their guests unlock one free photo or video.
  • Fixed a potential security warning when clicking on links in Fotaflo emails.
  • Added additional reservation label visibility times for 21 and 22 hours before and after the reservation start time.
  • Improvements to reservation processing to better support multi-activity bookings.

Topics: iOS, Android, Web Application


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