Here are a handful of recent fixes and improvements as well as some that are coming soon.

Recent changes


The latest version of the Fotaflo Android app fixes issues where labels would sometimes be mistakenly removed. This usually happened with clients that have 1000's of labels. Please check your devices and make sure they have the latest version of the Fotaflo app.


  1. Video quality has been improved greatly.
  2. We made it faster to add labels by syncing them in the background rather than preventing users from selecting labels while the app checked for new ones.
  3. We fixed an issue where labels would sometimes be mistakenly removed.
Please check your devices and make sure they have the latest version of the Fotaflo app.

Fix issue with guests that have disabled cookies.

We fixed a bug that prevented guests with disabled browser cookies from viewing photos and videos in the guest portal.

Enhanced security.

We take client and guest data security very seriously. We made some changes recently to prevent possible attackers from being able to guess URLs to access photos and videos of other guests.


Coming soon


  1. We're adding a notification when photos or videos can't be saved. Currently it's not obvious when this happens and we've had clients find out after the tour that photos didn't actually save.
  2. Photos and videos will save to a Fotaflo album.
  3. We're adding an "About" screen so you can easily check the version of the Fotaflo app.
  4. The default video length will now be 60 seconds.
  5. Fixed an issue where label counts were incorrect.
  6. The app will remember the last selected camera when switching locations.

Fixes to guest purchasing from the photo viewing portal.

In some cases guests are receiving an error when purchasing their photos. This will be resolved soon.

SMS (text message) deliverability improvements.

American mobile providers are implementing enhanced requirements for sending text messages on behalf of other businesses. We are taking care of the work required to register all our clients to ensure that SMS messages continue to be delivered with high success rates.


Product feedback inspired update

Bulk download photos and videos without logos

You'll soon be able to download multiple photos and videos from the catalog without including your logo branding.

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