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Are you looking to enhance your zipline marketing program so that you can generate new bookings and improve the profitability of your business? 

We’re here to help with that! In this blog, we look at how tour and activity operators that own a zipline business can harness the power of photo marketing to gain new business.

Before we get into that, let’s first take a quick look at what photo marketing is. 

All too often, we see tour and activity operators attempting to sell the photos they take of their customers having fun as souvenirs.

Not only is this inefficient and expensive for the business, it prevents them from accessing the valuable benefits of providing those photos for free. 

Fotaflo strongly believes that holding a customer’s photo of their experience hostage as a wasted opportunity. 

That’s where photo marketing comes in. Photo marketing is the process of using a photo marketing platform to provide your customers with free photos and videos on a custom-branded webpage. 

Photo marketing should be a critical part of any zipline marketing program, as it empowers your customers to share photos and videos of the amazing experience they had with your brand. 

How to use customer zipline photos to generate new bookings 

Zipline photos can be used in a number of ways to generate more bookings and profit for your business.

Here are a few key ways in which you can use zipline photos of your customers to do just that. 

1. Stand out from your local competitors

With the vast majority of zipline activity businesses charging customers for their photos, offering free photos as a service can help your brand stand out from the competitors in your space.

This works for two reasons. Firstly, because taking photos of your customers and providing them for free means your customer can focus on the experience itself (instead of taking photos) and that means you can deliver a superior guest experience.

Secondly, since most tourism businesses typically try to sell photos to their customers, the simple action of providing photos for free is enough for your brand to stand out from its competitors. You are adding a value to your service that other businesses are not. 

2. Build remarketing strategies that drive referral bookings and repeat customers

When you take ownership of taking photos of your customers, you can keep these photos for future marketing campaigns. We find that remarketing campaigns targeted at past customers, which include photos of themselves, can be hugely successful for zipline operators.

Learn About RemarketingWhen you reconnect with past customers by providing them with photos that remind them of the amazing time they had, you encourage them to either make repeat bookings with your business or share their experience with their friends and family. 

By emailing photo memories to past customers on special occasions, (such as their birthday or the anniversary of when they visited your business), you can encourage them to remember the experience and take positive actions that drive new bookings.

Interested in learning more? Read our blog, Why Photo Remarketing is the Future of Travel and Tourism Marketing.

3. Identify which customers are your strongest marketing assets

Word-of-mouth marketing has never been so powerful, and that’s because the use of social media is only growing. That’s why your advocates are one of your strongest marketing assets. They can share and endorse your brand with their friends, family and followers, and in return you can generate new bookings.

But how do you identify who your top advocates are?

When you use a photo marketing platform to provide zipline photos to your customers, you can collect important data that shows you how past customers have shared their photos and how many referrals they have generated. 

You can use these insights to target your best-performing advocates with marketing campaigns that help to generate more bookings for your business. 

Does this all sound great? Book a Fotaflo demo today and learn how our innovative photo marketing solution can help your business generate new bookings through the power of zipline photo marketing.


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