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Throwback Thursday - Fotaflo featured in Ski Area Management

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Originally Published September 11, 2014

Fotaflo was first introduced to the Ski Area Management team (SAM) when we were contacted to provide photo taking support at the 2013 SAM Summer Ops event at Attitash Ski Resort in New Hampshire. While they were looking to provide images to their summer program attendees we were pitching the brand exposure this could provide. Fast forward 1.5 years later and SAM is the first magazine to publish a story (as far as we can find) on the success of a for-profit photo system as a marketing tool. It could have been the workshop delivered by owner Ryan O’Grady that SAM members attended at the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) conference in January 2014, or maybe it was because we just kept bugging them about the value of a photo marketing service, regardless we were thrilled to be featured in this article. It’s also great to see other photo service companies embrace this direction and add credibility to what we’ve been preaching for years. Have a look: 







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Chad Ingles

Written by Chad Ingles

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