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When it comes to increasing the profitability of your brewery, tours of your facility can be a huge revenue driving opportunity. Yet to achieve your tour booking goals your brand needs a successful brewery marketing plan in place. 

In fact, marketing for breweries is more important than ever before because the competition is so high. 

Craft breweries are booming everywhere. In the US alone, there are approximately three times as many breweries opening to replace any that have closed. 

This sheer volume of competition means the most successful businesses will be the ones with an effective brewery marketing strategy in place. 

These strategies typically involve email marketing, social media, hosting events, paid advertising and leveraging PR firms to get local interest. But did you know you can significantly increase the results of your brewery marketing plan by offering free photos to your tour customers?

In this blog we’re going to explore how free photos can become an important aspect of marketing for breweries. 

Why are free photos an important part of marketing for breweries?

Your brewery marketing strategy is a step-by-step process of how you will present your brand to the public, and as a result drive new bookings for your tour business.

It makes sense that photos would be a natural part of the strategy, right? 

Offering free photos to your tour customers is a way to optimize that process. Free photos empower your customers to share photos and videos of the experience they had with your brand. 

It allows your brand to take control of its photo marketing strategy. Don’t rely on poorly-taken customer images in locations that don’t truly represent your brand. Instead, get your guides to take photos of your customers with intent. 

How offering free photos benefits your brewery marketing plan

There are a number of benefits that breweries can realize by providing their customers with free photos, including:

  • You can increase repeat bookings

When you use free photos as part of a successful email remarketing campaign, your brand is able to provide past customers with photo memories that remind them of their past experience. By re-engaging with past customers and reminding them of the fun they had, you can generate repeat business

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  • You can enhance the guest experience

Customers want to dive into your experience, and truly be part of it. Despite that, there’s a pressure in today’s world that they’ll come out of the experience with photos they can share with their friends and family. By providing free photos, you take that burden away from the customer - allowing you to deliver a world-class customer experience. You let them truly focus on the brewery tour, relaxed in the knowledge that you’ll provide them with the photo memories they want.

  • You can stand out from your competitors

As we mentioned earlier in the blog, the number of breweries is growing rapidly. That means brewery tours have more competition than ever, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Giving free photos to your customer adds further value to your package that could be the deciding factor in a customer choosing between your brewer or a competitor.

  • Generate referral bookings

Social media represents a huge word-of-mouth brewery marketing opportunity for your brand. When customers share photos of their experience with their friends and family on social media, it’s an endorsement of your brand and the experiences you offer. While this is great for brand recognition, it can also help generate new bookings for your brewery tours.

To take that to the next level, the use of a photo marketing solution, such as Fotaflo, that provides customers with a custom-branded page of their photo memories (that they can share with their peers on social media, which are branded with your company logo and direct back to your website) can help your brewery generate referral bookings.

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By encouraging customers through email marketing and SMS texts to share their photo memories from your company branded page with friends and family, you can drive new customers to your company's website who want to have the same experience as the person who shared the photo.

Interested in learning more about how providing free photos to your customers can help boost your brewery marketing strategy? Book a demo of the Fotaflo platform and find out how we can help. 

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