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Throwback Thursday: Fotaflo First Impressions From 2012

June 27, 2019

We've been doing this for a while! Here's a short video from our first client, Long Point Eco Adventures. They started with us before we had even named ourselves Fotaflo in May of 2010 and are still with us more than 9 years later!

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Grow your Business over 40% in 3 Months

February 07, 2019

I've often stated that our most valuable intellectual property at Fotaflo isn't the code of our software, or our technology, it's the deep learning and understanding of how to implement, operate and leverage photos to increase bookings with our photo and video solution for experiential businesses. This isn't knowledge that can be easily copied or recreated. It's the deep learning that's required thousands of hours working with experiential businesses around the world. It's the constant assessing of actual results and data to help our clients receive the best benefits of a photo solution that's designed to generate more business. It's the drive to help our clients in the best way we can; to help them grow the amount of bookings.

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Why are smartphones a great choice for a photo marketing service?

December 21, 2018

At Fotaflo we strongly recommend using smartphones to take photos and video of your guests. For the large majority of experiential businesses smartphones will be your best solution. Even in situations where you might want to use a dedicated traditional camera we still recommend using smartphones for most of your photos and using a traditional camera only for specific cases.

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